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location: San Francisco, CA

Category: Student Films

Title: Samantha
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Length: 10-12 minutes
Audition at 466 Townsend st. SF, CA on May 19th and 21st from 10:00pm- 5pm.

2 Females

1. Samantha: A heavyweight girl.
Age: 23-29 years
Description: An early twenties overweight girl who works in an office. She doesn’t have any real goals in her life, but loves to eat. She is outgoing and kind and loves to cook. She falls in love with Jay, but she is too shy to tell him.

2. Jessie: A good-looking beautiful girl.
Age : 23-29 years
Description: A mid-twenties good-looking beautiful girl. She is Samantha’s best friend and roommate. She is sociable and open-minded. Jessie has more self- confidence than Samantha.

1 Male
1. Jay : An early thirties smart guy.
Age: 26-35 years
Description: An early thirties smart guy. He is a business man and very good looking. He works in the same company as Samantha. He looks and dresses like a gentleman, but nobody knows he’s gay.

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Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: San Francisco, CA
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