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location: New York City

Category: Web series

Web Series: “Shooter Island”
“A reporter is assigned a story that unexpectedly becomes a journey into an obsessive childhood memory.”

Web series shooting in NYC casting for the following roles:
*Please note, I am searching for IDENTICAL TWIN MALES AGED 8-12 YRS OLD*

Nathan: Caucasian male 20s Wiry. Lanky. Frustrated in life. Suppressed anger. Creative. Oppressed by life.

Gemma: African American or Jamaican Female 20s…must have west indies dialect. Slim. Petite. Haunting personality

Danny Ellis: Male. Any Ethnicity 20s-30s Eager Over confident News room writer. Dying for the any opportunity to prove himself.

Jack McGlinchey: Caucasian male 40s-50s Seasoned Newsroom Editor who doesn’t care much about his appearance.

Peter Hanson: Male. Any Ethnicity 20s-30s Smug. Competitive. Back stabbing News room writer.

Young Nathan: 8-14 yr old caucasian male or identical male twins
Young Calen: 8-14 yr old male or identical male twins (any ethnicity)
Young Tyler: 8-14 yr old male or identical male twins (any ethnicity)
Receptionist: Female. Any Ethnicity 20s
Dr. Muller: Open 30s-40s
Dr. Weaver: Open 30s-40s

This is a NON UNION project, the producer is interested in working with actors looking to build their resume and/or portfolio. These are NON PAYING roles. Compensation is CREDIT & COPY ONLY. Please submit to shooterislandcasting@gmail.com with ROLE in SUBJECT line. Auditions will be held, Saturday September 22, 2012

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: New York City
Contact email: shooterislandcasting@gmail.com

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