Casting Calls for Student Feature Film – Tucson, AZ


Student Film “Wayward Highway”

Location: Tucson

Type: Film

Casting Calls for Senior Student Feature Film – Tucson, AZ

Whether you are an experienced actor or a beginner, we look for people who are passionate about making a positive change in life through their performances.

Casting calls for feature film: “Wayward Highway”

“With the help of Hawk, a castaway Native American, Kung Fu disciple Phong seeks to establish a temple to pass on his dead master’s teaching, only to find tragic incidences resulted from a corrupted society.”

Casting the following roles (Note: Character traits can be subjected to future changes):
1/. Hawk
Native American Male
Age late 30s- early 50s, calm looking, but can also be unpredictable.
Understanding about Native American culture/ rituals or speaking Native language (like Navajo) is a plus! – Also let us know if you are willing to smoke in a few scenes (with a smoke pipe)
Description: HAWK, an eccentric Native American man who lives in an abandoned church. He is a rebel in his tribe, a castaway, and hard to understand. He is wise in his ancient teaching.

2/.Ajamu Vidor
African American Male, young looking, slim or fit, be able to perform physical actions (Knowing martial arts, or acrobatic, gymnastic skills is a big plus)
Age: 14 – 23 (Talent who is under 18 will be required for parents or guardians’ permission to be casted)
Description: AJAMU is the adopted son of the Vidor family. He is also Phong’s dearest student, the one that reminds Phong of his master’s relationship. Ajamu has a rough past, and has major conflicts with Jack Vidor. Ajamu believes violence is the way to solve his life problems. However deep inside in his nature, he is kind and caring.

3/. Angela Vidor
Caucasian Female
Age: late 20s – early 30s, good looking, glamorous looking.
Character: ANGELA adopted a son names Ajamu. She is the wife of city councilman Jack Vidor.

4/. Jack Vidor
Caucasian Male
Age: 40s – early 50, man in suit, politician looking
Let us know if you are willing to smoke for several scenes.
Character: JACK is the city councilman, powerful and authoritative. He has good appearance to the public. Jack has hidden issues with alcohol and violence. Not that Jack does not know about his harm and evil doing, but it is that he determines it is too late to go back.

Location: The Art Institute of Tucson – 5099 E. Grant Rd.
Time: Monday, November 11th, 2013 – from 2 pm to 5pm.
The audition will primarily involve sight reading, and a personal interview with the director and associate producers.

Expected Time for Production: Early 2014 (February – April)
Meals and Water Coverage: Yes
Compensation: No
Gas Stipend: $20.00/ week

Note: If you are interested and unable to attend on our first casting calls, please contact information below for scheduling.
Do Pham – Casting Director

Please also  submit your head shot, body shot, and an optional resume or monologue .

We look forward to meeting you!

Lum Productions in associate with GT Productions
A Flying Petals Film

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Tucson
Please submit to: by

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