Casting Vampire Horror Movie “Club Bead” – L.A.


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location: Los Angeles

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Dream Factory Entertainment is casting a micro-budget NON-UNION vampire dark comedy/horror feature- CLUB DEAD written by industry veteran Stephen Langford. THERE IS PAY depending on roles/experience. Scheduled to shoot in Los Angeles from FEB 1st-18th Please email reel or picture and resume with the name of ROLE(S) SUBMITTING FOR in SUBJECT LINE to

VIDA BELLAMY: F, Caucasian or Hispanic, 23-27, attractive, strong, independent.

DOZE: M, African-American, 35-45, large, imposing

MADAM BOREK: F, African-American/Mix, 40-50, Elegant, beautiful, smart, mysterious

ZACK: M, Caucasian or Hispanic, 25-30, Good looking, athletic.

ELDON LEWIS: M, Any Ethnicity, 23-27, regular guy, smart

MERC: M, Any Ethnicity, 18-30, Former military, tough

GORKY: M, Eastern European, 30-35, tacky, arrogant, rude

JUDY JACKSON: F, Any Ethnicity, 22-26, pretty, wholesome, virginal

VIGGO: M, Any Ethnicity, 25-35, sexy, alluring, dark features

SUNNY: F, Asian, 21-25, petite, sexy
MARIO: M, African-American/Mix, 25-30, Sexy, Debonair, Sophisticated

CAMILLE: F, Caucasian, 23-27, Redhead, pretty

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles

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  1. ciubancan

    Hello, I am a guy with many personalities who wants to be an actor that is in everyday life! Believe me they would fit any type of role that you would have with much love! I would have the soul if you choose a role, whatever it is! much respect!


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