Dance Crew (Girl Teens) 14-16


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location: East Coast Area

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Hello, I’m Vanity. I’m 17 years young. I live in the East Coast, and I’m really interested in finding some talent so that I can get something started..a dance crew. I have no names for the group. I am looking for teens around my age who are interested. If our live in New York or Atlanta..Flordia. If you are interested in this please contact me on my twitter @vanitysince96. Please do not email me at the moment I have some trouble trying to find my password. So, just send me a picture and follow me. Or you can just tell me you saw this post and I’ll follow you and dm you (: I am really ambitious about dancing, singing and modeling so this could be a good start for me and you! I’m only looking for 2 girls! Thanks, have a good day.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: East Coast Area
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  1. Kierra Davis

    Hi , my name is Kierra Davis. I saw your post about needing dancers. I am 17yrs old as well && I’m looking foward to being part of a really good group. Dancing is my first love && I love modeling too. I don’t have a twitter so I had to email you. I live in Atlanta, GA. Hopefully you see this .


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