Indie Short Film Miami, Florida

By | July 18, 2013

‘Torn’ An Independent Short Film

Where: Miami, Florida
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Type: Film

Synopsis: Korey, an out of work documentary
filmmaker and Angela, a Chef have been in love for the past 5 years. Although their fragile relationship has recently begun to lack intimacy, Korey is now ready to take things to the next level but Angela doesn’t share the same sentiment. Korey’s worst fears are realized when secrets are revealed and relationships are tested.

Korey: An African-American woman in her early to mid-thirties who is very much in touch with both her masculine and feminine sides. Her fashion sense is very much in the style of Ellen Degeneres. Korey is the type of woman who is as comfortable at a five star restaurant as she is on the basketball court, as passionate about her work as she is about her relationship with Angela.

Angela: An African-American woman in her early to mid-thirties who is described in slang terms as a lipstick lesbian. She is the average female you would run into on the street. Angela is the type of person whose ambition has blinder’s on and she sees her goals clearly and doesn’t steer from them until she crosses the finish line unfortunately for Korey Angela sees her relationship in much the same way.

James: An African-American male in his mid to late thirties. James is a very handsome musician on the precipice of stardom. He’s the kind of charismatic man who commands attention wherever he goes and is always the coolest kat in the room. As Korey’s brother he is devoted to his sister whom he loves dearly a love that has extended itself to Angela.

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City or Location of call: Miami, Florida
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