‘Master Chef’ Open Call Los Angeles

By | November 6, 2013

Are you a culinary mastermind? Regardless of of you cook french cuisine or backyard barbecue, MasterChef may want to meet with you!

Masterchef 2014 auditions

Do you have the cooking skills to be the next “Masterchef”?  Since the show is hosted by Gordon Ramsay, you will also need to have a good level of tolerance along with a thick skin!

“Masterchef” is holding an open casting call in the Los Angeles area for the 2014 season of the Gordon Ramsay Cooking Competition.

“Master Chef” airs on the Fox Network and has been on air in the US since 2010. “Masterchef” is looking for great cooks from all walks of life! Great amatuer cooks that is. “Masterchef” is a cooking competition for non-professionals. Those applying to be on the show should not be professional cooks or work in the food industry.

Chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay comes back as the host and judge on “Master Chef” season 5. Gordon will be joined by Restaurateur Joe Bastianich and Chef Graham Elliot as the shows judges.

If you are coming in for the auditions, you will need to bring a dish….

You MUST bring one prepared dish to be served to the judges.  You will be given a few minutes to plate your dish at the casting call location, but there will NOT be a kitchen to cook or warm your dish up so come prepared!  Don’t forget to download the application below and bring it with you to the open call.  Check the FAQs LINK (frequently asked questions) on the homepage for additional casting questions.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Pre-register your profile and pick your open call location in advance- PRE-REGISTER HERE. 

“Master Chef is for anyone who has a passion for cooking and want to pursue a dream they never got a chance to pursue it. It’s for anyone who wants a second chance,” said Erika Michelle Landin, “Master Chef” supervising casting producer.

Los Angeles Open Casting Call for MasterChef:

Saturday, November 9 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m also Sunday, November 10 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m

Le Cordon Bleu

6370 W. Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Don’t live in Los Angeles but still want to appear on the show? The show has scheduled auditions in various cities this fall for 2014 and you can see the full “MasterChef” audition schedule here.

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