NYTVF short comedy pilot competition – Miami


Casting for NYTVF short comedy pilot competition submission – Miami, FL

Where: Miami, FL
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Type: Festivals

We are casting for a 10 minute comedy pilot presentation submission for the NYTVF in partnership with Comedy Central. The winning presentation could potentially have their project made. Our goal is simple: to deliver a truthful and gut-wrenching funny pilot that has no choice BUT to win. You’ll be working with a dedicated crew to make something great, funny, and imperative to your portfolio! Time is of the essence, so if you’re dedicated, just as we are, let’s make a great pilot!

Our submission is the story of two post-grads, Mia and Sean, working towards becoming contributing members to society. As a hopeful novelist, Mia is broke, and crashing on her best friend Sean’s couch. She’s working as an intern at a tech blog and decides to ask her boss for money… but it may lead to her doing something drastic instead. Sean, meanwhile, is trying to patch things with his somewhat-girlfriend Trish who is convinced their supposed relationship is over.

Mia – Lead / FEMALE / 20 TO 25
Indefinitely single. Funny. A writer. She was raised by a strict, god-fearing single mother who pushed her a bit too much. The result: a sort-of passive, such-is-life, unemployed post-grad who is living on her friend’s couch. She’s an aspiring novelist, but jobs for writers are slim to none. But times are tough; after interning at a tech blog for some time, she feels entitled to a paycheck — so much so, it may push her to do something drastic. Think a more emotionally in tune Kat Dennings in “2 Broke Girls.”

Sean – Lead / MALE / 20 TO 25
Lovelorn. Only child. Coddled. Boyish looks. Sean comes from a background of well-off parents who take care of all of his expenses and expect him to continue the family business. He’s not spoiled, just lost: trying to figure out who he is and trying to get back with his somewhat-girl Trish. Think Ted Mosby on “How I Met Your Mother”…but not as lovesick.

Trish – Series Regular / FEMALE / 20 TO 25
Quick-witted. Sharp-tongued. Confident. Trish says what’s on her mind and cuts through the BS. Think Maya in “Girlfriends” or Miranda in “Sex and the City.”

Brian – Guest Star / MALE / 25 TO 40
A straight-shooter, if maybe a bit of a passive-aggressive jerk. Brian can deliver an insult with a smile and tells his employees the truth, even if it may be a bit misguided. His way or the high way. Think Jeremy Piven in “Entourage.”

Carlos/Caro – Guest Star / MALE OR FEMALE / 18 TO 22
Young. Impulsive. And can tell you everything about every component that makes up a computer. Might be a nerd, but cool. Geek-chic. We’re open to either gender.

Pay: Meals, copy, credit, and a small sharing of prize money if we win

For more information, please contact mikebcol@gmail.com ASAP. We are planning to begin shooting QUICKLY. The deadline for the competition is March 4.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Miami, FL
Please submit to: mikebcol@gmail.com

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