Open Auditions lead role for Movie, Montgomery Alabama and Atlanta

Montgomery Alabama and Atlanta Open Audition for the lead role in a movie.

Casting kids ages 5 to 9.

The dramatic thriller “The Waiting Place,” will he holding open auditions for the role of ‘Maddie’, a 6 year old girl who just lost her parents. The film is auditioning kids from 5 years of age to 9 to play Maddie.
The film is written by Faye Holmes, produced by Raqchel Walker and directed by Nancy Thanki.

They are casting the lead role of “Maddie”
Children, girls and boys ages 5 to 9, any ethnicity may come audition.
Please bring the child’s headshot and resume if you have one.

About the film:

A young girl, the only member of her family to escape infection from a deadly virus, must find the courage to survive in the world.

This is an emotional story of a little girl who must find her inner heroine. 6-year old Maddie, while faced with the loss of her parents, she finds the strength to go on in a world that has forgotten about her. With the help of her favorite book, she finds the courage to keep the monsters at bay and to ultimately risk her own life for a chance at a future.

About the character:

Maddie is well spoken with a strong vocabulary. She is also confident and has been encouraged to make her own (age appropriate) decisions. Maddie is independent and knows how to and enjoys playing on her own. She loves books and has a good memory.

movie-waiting place

Montgomery Alabama Audition information:
Saturday, Oct. 19
9 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
Bertha Pleasant Williams Library Rosa Parks Avenue Branch
1276 Rosa Parks Ave, Montgomery, AL 36108

Atlanta Georgia Casting Call info:

Friday, October 18
WonderRoot 982 Memorial Dr. SE.
Atlanta, Georgia


Please come prepared with a 1-3 minute monologue between 4-7 pm and sign up. We are looking for young girls and boys between the ages of 5-10 years old for the leading role.

The film is produced by 2 crews entertainment and will have a summer 2014 release date.


You can check for more information about the film on their IMDB page.

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  1. Melissa Goss

    My names is Melissa Goss and I am a Makeup Artist in the Atlanta area. My partner and I have worked several photo shoots and fashion shows in the area. We would love to work with on the film “The Waiting Place”.

  2. Clemencia W Minus

    Hello my name is Clemencia Minus, nick name is Nichole. My 5 yr old daughter is a very intelligent little girl and would be honored to play Mattie. I’m currently in Valdolsta Ga and I was wondering if all is expense paid or do I have to provide my own travel to and from.

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