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By | August 31, 2013

Where: Connecticut
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Type: Theater

We are currently seeking actors with prior experience in community or professional theatre to read for multiple roles in a staged reading of a new, student-written play at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, Connecticut, set to take place on November 9th, 2013.

We The People is a new play in 2 acts by ECSU student and playwright Anthony J. Piccione that tells a story that takes place in an alternative reality, and describes how when society is given the right amount of unrest and turmoil, a large populist movement – such as the Tea Party movement or the Occupy Wall Street movement or the Arab Spring movement – could easily lead to a revolution in the United States of America. The script has had developmental readings and gone through various revisions in playwriting classes in the spring of 2013, and as part of an independent study – under the guidance of Professor Matthew Gallagher – during the summer of 2013.

A staged reading of the play will be presented to the public later this fall at Eastern Connecticut State University. The event will take place on November 9th, 2013 at 7pm at the Student Center Theater. The event will last roughly 2 and a half hours, and will include a straight read-through by actors from ECSU – as well as from local community and professional theatre – of the full-length play We The People and will be followed by a brief open discussion of the play with the audience.

Please see more details on the play and how to receive a role below:

We The People

A play by
Anthony J. Piccione


New York City, NY, USA.


Early 21st century, in an alternative reality


In early 21st century America – amid growing social unrest and the worst economic recession in decades -We The People tells the story of Stan McKinley, and how far he’s willing to go to save his family from sinking into poverty. After losing his job and apartment during the Great Recession, Stan turns to a friend who is involved in the radical populist movement known as the American Liberation Movement. Soon after meeting the movement’s charismatic leader – known only as “the Liberator” – Stan and his family become part of a massive revolution that lurches New York City into anarchy. As the revolution goes on, the consequences of such violent rebellion become more and more apparent to the family man who was reluctantly pushed into the middle of these chaotic events.


Major Characters
Stan McKinley – Late 30s to Mid 40s. The main protagonist. Husband of Angela and Father of Andy and Samantha. Works at Mahoney Insurance. Later is reluctantly forced into joined the “ALM”.
Angela McKinley – Mid 30s to Early 40s. Wife of Stan and Mother of Andy and Samantha.
Andy McKinley – 8-13. 11 year old, innocent son of Stan and Angela
Samantha McKinley – Teens. Teenage, rebellious daughter of Stan and Angela
Michael Mahoney – Early 30s to Early 40s. Stan and Rick’s boss. President of Mahoney Insurance
Rick Garfield – Mid 30s to Mid 40s. Stan’s coworker at Mahoney Insurance. Member of the ALM.
Jenny Daniels – Late 20s to Late 30s. Rick’s girlfriend
The Liberator – Late 20s to Early 40s. The main antagonist. The mysterious leader of the American Liberation Movement

Minor Characters
Mrs. Arnold – 30s to 60s. Samantha’s school principal
Alice – 30s to 50s. Angela’s school secretary
Mr. Brown – 40s to 60s. The McKinley family’s landlord
Mayor– 50s to 60s. Mayor of NYC
President – 40s to 60s
Reporter – 20s to 40s

U.S. troops

If interested in seeking a role, please send the following information to by OCTOBER 9th, 2013:

First name:
Last name:
Age range:
List any prior acting experience:
Short bio(less than 100 words):
Would you rather be cast as a major or minor character:
If you wish to be cast in a major role and we are unable to do so, would you be willing to be cast instead in a smaller role:
Please indicate any preference for which specific role you wish to be cast in (if any):

All actors should be available for the following dates:

October 27th – 6-9pm
November 2nd – 6-9pm
November 7th – 6-9pm

Staged reading:
November 9th at 7pm-10pm (Actors are called to help set-up at 6pm)

All actors who are selected to be part of the staged reading will be notified of casting within a week after October 9th, the last day for which we will be seeking new actors.

For more information, please contact the playwright:

Anthony J. Piccione

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Connecticut
Please submit to:

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