The Amazing Race 2013 is now casting in Canada

By | February 18, 2013

The Amazing Race 2013 Canadian edition is coming soon and the deadline to submit is coming up really fast.

We are all familiar with the US version of the Amazing Race reality competition show, but this casting call is for Canadians ONLY!

NOW CASTING – Are you ready to take the adventure of a lifetime?

Amazing Race Canada Edition has a deadline for contestants to submit, That DEADLINE IS CURRENTLY FEBRUARY 28, 2013

Do you watch the show and say ” I can do that”? Are you in top shape and ready to compete? Are you Canadian? If you annswed yes to the above you may be a great candidate for the extreme adventure of your life…. In your home country of Canada!

The Amazing Race Canada is now casting teams of 2 to take the trek that can earn you reality TV fame and a small fortune.

The Amazing Race has become international and now it’s Canada’s turn to take the incredible trek around the country by any means, weather it be planes, trains, bikes, automobiles or even donkeys.

After ten years of watching and waiting, Canadians are now getting their chance to run the race of a lifetime in an All-Canadian version of the international mega hit franchise. You need to find that all-important racing partner. A partner that you know, a partner that you have a connection with, and a partner that you want to cross the finish line with to claim the grand prize!

There are some requirements… in a nutshell, they include things like:

Well, you must be a team with a pre-existing relationship. Yes, you must apply to the show with a partner.

You will need to travel at your own expense to the interview, if you get one, with your partner.

The race will be almost a month long and both you and your partner must be able to participate and be available when the producers tell you the exact dates. If you have a complicated family life, work life and tight schedule this may not be the gig for you. Only apply if you know that you CAN get away from home and work for some period which will be close to a month.

The Amazing Race auditions and the competition itself will be physically and mentally challenging. Only contestants in great shape will be allowed to compete. So, if you get winded walking up a flight of stairs, this may not be for you.

Be prepared to have the entire month taped and understand that the footage will be broadcast.

You must be legally able to travel all of Canada and you must be a Canadian citizen since this is The Amazing Race Canada! Non Canadian citizens or legal residents will not be able to qualify.

Lastly, you must be at least 19 years old to qualify, no exceptions!

You must be able to pass various stages of test to qualify which include physical, mental, and yes… a background check.

Applicants MUST go to to fill out an Online Application,

You must have material prepared before you apply which includes photos, videos, questions and much more.

The application is online and you can get more info here

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