360° Virtual Reality short film Seeks Actors in L.A.


Motel Paradise

360° Virtual Reality short film is casting 5 L.A. area actors.

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Film

Compensation: $100 per day + Meals, Duration: 2 days

Synopsis: a Misunderstanding goes too far at a 2-star motel called Paradise. When Rita, a maid, initiates a physical confrontation with her coworker, another maid named Jessica, things escalade to deadly proportions. Now Rita, impulsive and shocked, must navigate her way out of the motel to hide the body. This dry comedy requires larger than life personalities to bring the sass of the characters to a reality.

Character breakdown:

Rita – FEMALE/LEAD/40’s: A high strong, emotionally impulsive maid at a remote motel called Motel Paradise. She is having a secret relationship with Peter, the motel gardener, whom may or may not be aware this relationship exists. Rita easily jumps to conclusions and is a jealous type, to say the least. She’s also quick to cover up a murder. Will she be discovered, or is this all just some huge misunderstanding?

Jessica – FEMALE/SUPPORTING/40’s(Looks older)/HISPANIC: A vibrant and outgoing motel maid who is completely consumed by a false sense of beauty. She is comically vain and promiscuous. Her make-up is extensive, her old-fashioned hair is large and miraculously kept in place. She is somewhat overweight. If she were the most unattractive maid at Motel Paradise, she would never know it. She is the victim of our story.

Peter – MALE/SUPPORTING/40’s: A decent and moral man, with a short but important presence in this story. He’s the love interest of Rita, yet it is unclear how serious their relationship actually is. What we do know for sure is he’ll gallantly defend pregnant women getting punched in the face.

Maid 1 – FEMALE/SUPPORTING/50’s/Mixed Ethnicity: A curious type who works as a maid at the Motel with Rita, Jessica, and Peter. She likes gossip, and probably isn’t very good at keeping secrets. However, no one would ever know it because she’s surprisingly loyal.

Maid 2 – FEMALE/SUPPORTING/30’s: She is among the newest maids to join the Motel although she’s been working there four years now. She is often out of the loop of all the Motel Gossip.


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles

Please submit to: agutierrez@massivesquare.com

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