Auditions for Principal Roles – Film ‘Carlsbad’ in New Mexico

By | August 14, 2014

New Mexico casting call for Indie short –  Paid Roles with paid travel.

An Indie film called “Carlsbad” about a Chechen sniper, will be filming in different areas of New Mexico. The film’s casting directors are seeking to fill 2 principal roles in the project. They are casting a female skier and a Sam Sheperd type to play a general who can be described as manipulative and magnetic. This films at the end of the month. The actors cast will be paid plus get an allowance for their travel expenses and hotel

If interested, be sure to apply ASAP because the filming dates begin on the 25th and the following roles are still not filled.

Non-Union SHORT FILM CARLSBAD, which shoots Aug 25, 26, 27 in Carlsbad, Alamogordo & White Sands is STILL CASTING for 2 Principal Roles:

GENERAL – 50’s-70, weathered, real, Sam Sheperd, Daniel Day Lewis or Val Kilmer type. Magnetic, manipulative, white male. Works 2 DAYS rate: $250/day plus travel stipend, hotel, per diem

FEMALE DOUBLE; excellent female cross country skiier age 20’s-40
(our character is a former olympian): NEEDS TO BE EXCELLENT CC SKIER
Works in White Sands for ½ day (AUG 27) rate: $250 plus travel stipend, hotel, per diem


CARLSBAD is a story loosely based on the myths of the “White Stocking”, female Chechen Snipers who fought for their military. In our story she has been smuggled out of her home country and is working for an American Military General as a hit woman. But this time her mark is the one man who knows her secrets, an engineer working in the caves.

to submit please send you headshot or photo, resume and contact information to

Casting call for a New Mexico film project

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