Auditions for short film “Truth or Dare” in Milwaukee

By | May 18, 2014


Truth or Dare filming in Milwaukee Wisconsin

A Martial Arts Action Short

A stranger with lethal skills gets wrapped up with a female con artist struggling to save her younger brother from some very bad people.

Truth or Dare is a martial arts film that combines the gritty pulp feel of noir with the idea seen in Westerns where the stranger passes through town. In this film our stranger gets caught up with a con artist named Adeline who is fighting to save her younger brother Ricky before time runs out. When Stranger and Adeline meet the action escalates.

QR for Indiegogo page–4/x/6876764

Casting for:

ADELINE: Female lead. Mid to late 20’s. Fit. Con artist.

RICKY: Supporting role. Early 20’s. Street smart younger brother.

CARMINE: Lead male villain. Early 30’s to mid 40’s. Crime boss.

BODYGUARDS: Extras. Two male bodyguard roles. Intimidating. Strong.

For information on how to submit a video clip audition or set up a time to Skype contact via email with AUDITION for BEN and SHAUN in the subject line to:

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