Auditions for Voice Actors in the DC Area


TV show is seeking some voice talent in the DC area.

The show’s casting directors are looking for a variety of authentic accents / voices to read interviews in English. The list of accents needed is below.

I am working on a television program and we’re seeking accented English speakers to read over voiceovers. Pay is $50/hour in the recording booth.
We have many foreign-language interviewees and we are looking for authentic voices to read the content of the interviews in English. Amateurs welcome.
If anyone is interested, please email with phone number and accent.

The show is seeking English speakers with the following accents:
Ugandan Adult Male
Ugandan Adult Female
Ethiopian Adult Male
Ethiopian Adult Female
Chinese Adult Male
Chinese Adult Female
Chinese Young Female
Eastern European Adult Male
Eastern European Adult Female
Eastern European Young Female
Swedish Adult Male
Swedish Adult Female
Italian Adult Male
Italian Adult Female
Latin American Adult Female
Latin American Adult Male
Latin American Young Female
Latin American Young Male
Indian Adult Male
Indian Adult Female
Nepalese Adult Male
Nepalese Adult Female
Middle Eastern Adult Male
Middle Eastern Adult Female”

casting call in DC for voice over talent

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