‘My Big Fat geek Wedding’ Seeking Couples who want a crazy, comic wedding

By | March 19, 2014


Are you getting married and wanna go for it with having a really fun and completely out of the ordinary wedding? Producers for “My Big Fat Geek Wedding” just may be able to help!

The show is looking for engaged couples in the Los Angeles area who are getting married this spring and summer to participate in the show. Producers are looking for comic book / horror / sci-fi fans who want to incorporate their passion for fantasy into their real life wedding…. on a TV show.


Are you over the moon for all things fantasy/horror? Do you dream of being married in Camelot alongside your knights and ladies in waiting? Wanna exchange your vows dressed up as your favorite sci-fi character? Or join hands with your betrothed as the undead in a macabre graveyard? If so – we are looking for you!

A major cable network wants engaged couples that share an extreme passion for all things sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, horror. Dream of a wedding extravaganza that oozes geek fantasy awesomeness – whatever your fanatical geeked-out craze may be? If you can imagine it, we want to execute it on your big day!

Casting directors at Metal Flowers Media are currently accepting applications from couples in the ***Los Angeles area*** that want to get their geek on and get hitched in THE wedding of the eon. With our elite group of planners, we will turn your little costume wedding ceremony into a huge high-end production with all the nuances of your geek perfectionist desires! Celebrate your marriage in themed extravagance and party like geek stars.

My Big Fat Geek Wedding

***Couples should be ready to wed, with a plan in progress, or willing to pull the trigger in May – July, 2014.***

Email: casting@metalflowersmedia.com or submit an online application at www.metalflowersmedia.com.

This is the opportunity of the lifetime for the right couple!

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