Calling L.A. Car Owners Who Feel Ripped Off


Did you recently buy a car or have some work done to the one you own only to find out you got scammed?

Do you the shady person who ripped you off to answer for what they did and have a chance to confront them? A new reality series is now casting victims of automotive scams in the Los Angeles area for a new show that will expose these greedy car guys for what they are.

If that sounds like you, Metal Flowers Media would like to hear your story! Los Angeles area only please.


Automobiles are expensive, complicated and confusing. Most Americans own them, but few understand them. That makes them targets for the shadiest scammers on the planet. Greedy car guys from all areas of the automotive industry are finding new ways to rip off consumers.

Did you just get screwed over by an auto mechanic? Did you pay top dollar for a lemon? Was your Car stereo actually installed with duct tape and band aids? If you are the victim of an auto scam, we want to help you get the justice you deserve.


New reality show needs car owners in L.A.

In each episode, our car experts answer the call of a victim of a shady car scammer. The experts lure him into a closed set environment for a shocking confrontation. If you are living in a damaging wake of a con artist who needs to pay for what they have done, let us create the opportunity to receive what you are fairly due and get your retribution.

If you feel like you fit the bill, email us directly at Please include your name, age, city, phone number, a short paragraph about yourself (and significant others and family if applicable), and as much information as possible about the shady car situation you were involved in.

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