Casting Chicago Area Kids for “Shameless”


Showtime’s twisted comedy series “Shameless” is looking to cast some Chicago area kids / teens for a scene filming next week.

The Showtime original series is filming season 5  and has a scene coming up that will be filmed at the Cook County Jail. The scene is set in a Juvenile Hall and needs… well, some juveniles to fill the halls. The show is only seeking African American and Latino boys between the ages of 12 and 15 for the scene and those interested must apply ASAP as both parents and kids will need to go through a background check in order to enter the county jail to film.

Oscar®-nominated William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum star in “Shameless“, a comedy / drama with a very wicked and twisted sense of humor. The show revolves around the Gallagher family made up of Frank Gallagher, single dad of six smart, industrious, independent kids. However in this story, its dad who needs the kids. Frank is not about to win any father of the year awards. He spends his time doing some heavy partying, closing down the bars, spending their grocery money on booze and passing out on the floor when done.  But the family makes no apologies…. they are who they are and you best accept it.

showtime shameless

The series does film in the Chicago area, so please only submit to be an extra if you live in or around Chicago, Illinois. Those interested can follow the below instructions to get their info to the casting directors for consideration.

Shameless is looking for Kids for the prison scene filming on Nov 18th for a very cool scene filming at the Cook Co Jail. It will be filmed in a secure area and we are using it as a “juvenile detention facility”.

12-15 yrs old African American and Latino boys
Must submit ASAP and must have a background check done for parent and child to be able to be in the scene.

Go to Atmosphere Casting Of Chicago and fill out “Minor”availability form and register if you have not already.

subject line “Boy-Jail”

Include all clothing sizes,height,weight,phone number and if have current work permit. Must include close up and full body of current look.

Also, be sure to check out other casting calls going on in the Chicago area.

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