MGM feature “Max” Needs Latino kids, teens & adults in Charlotte


The feature film MGM feature “Max” is about to begin filming in Charlotte.

The production is looking for background that are of Hispanic descent. All ages are needed, kids, teens and adults from the Charlotte area are all welcome to apply.

MGM Studios is working on the new family adventure film “MAX ”. “Max” is about a German shepard  who was embedded with the military, working in Afghanistan with marines.  When the marine that the dog works with is killed, Max gets adopted by the marine’s family and leaves Afghanistan. The war has left the dog skittish and scarred but he bonds with a boy and both Max and his new family must come to overcome the traumas of their lives.

Remember The Titans”  director, Boaz Yakin is set to helm this project – Deadline. Boaz Yakin will also be writing and producing “Max” as well.

MAX is being filmed in Charlotte NC, you must be available as a local hire in NC in order to be  considered. Please only apply if you are Hispanic. Tona Dahlquist is casting the extras for the film.

They are looking for:

Seeking those of HISPANIC/LATINO/MEXICAN descents for filming. All ages needed Adults,Teens and Children.
All submission should include the following; A current snapshot/Photo, Name, Age, Phone, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Color/Make/Model/Year vehicle you drive, City/State you reside. If submitting a minor (child or teen) please include the Parent’s names as well.
Submission heading should include Ethnicity,Gender,Age,City/State you reside. EXAMPLE -Hispanic, Teen Male 16, CLT/NC.
Submission should be sent to [email protected]

MGM feature film

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