Featured Roles for ‘Panicked Family’ on ‘The 5th Wave’


The new Sci-Fi Film Series ‘The 5th Wave’ is holding a casting call for a featured family.

The film’s production staff is looking to cast a family of 4 or 5 which includes a mom, dad and 2 or 3 kids between the ages of 8 and 14 to play a “panicked family” on a scene that will be filming in Atlanta, Georgia this coming Friday.

‘The 5th Wave’ is a new film series that will be coming out in theaters in 2016. The film will be based on the alien invasion story written by Rick Yancey.  Yancey’s book, ‘The 5th Wave’ spent over 20 weeks on the New York Times best sellers list and told the story of a teenage girl living in a post-apocalyptic world.

Chloë Grace Moretz (‘Kick Ass‘) stars as one of the survivors who are now fighting for their lives. In the story, aliens have attacked. The world has gone through 4 waves of alien attacks and now the 5th wave is upon them. Chloe’s character, Cassie Sullivan has been separated from her brother and must now find him before the coming attack. Cassie is joined by a mysterious named Evan Walker who is played by Alex Roe . ‘The 5th Wave‘ will also star Liev Schreiber  and Nick Robinson as ‘Zombie’. The film is backed by Sony Pictures and being executive produced by Toby Maguire.

The movie recently began production in Atlanta Georgia and will be filming into the fall.

The 5th Wave Extras casting call in Atlanta

“THE 5th Wave”- feature film  – for this FRI 9/12, and works MON 9/22 and THURS 10/2

Casting for a FAMILY, a mom and dad (between age 35 to 50)
with 2, possibly 3 kids, between ages 8 & 14
ALL ethnicities/races

ALL SUBMISSIONS NEED TO HAVE SOME ACTING OR REACTING ABILITY to play a family who will be featured in a small scene as neighbors of our lead family – the scene involves a moment during the apocalypse and the family is panicking and fleeing (need to show panic and fear, moving fast, reacting etc…)

  • The director needs to see photos asap to select who he wants to have us bring in for a quick interview THIS FRI 9/12 to see reactions, etc…
  • Filming dates are Monday Sept. 22nd and Thursday Oct. 2nd , and your schedule must be fairly flexible if the work dates change (after you are selected)
  • The pay rate for these family members will be higher than the regular extra rate and that rates is still TBD
  • It is mandatory that we process a work permit application for the state of Georgia for all minors to work on a film or show. In order to do that, you MUST have access to a printer/scanner OR fax machine for us to do this (once selected).

Please submit to:
and put “PANICKED FAMILY” in the subject

Please include at least two- one that shows face and hair well (NO hats or sunglasses) as well as one that is from the knees or waist up) -. A photo you have that was taken recently, in good light, that is nice casual.

IF you have a professional headshot, please include that as well, but we ask that you also include a photo taken within the last few weeks that was not taken professionally
You can send a family photo or individual photos or whatever combinations you have of your family. Please just make sure they are clear photos for presentation.

First and Last Names of the Kids
First and Last Names and phone # of the Mom and Dad (XXX-XXX-XXXX format please)
CITY and STATE where you live (or will be coming from)
and list for everyone:

PLEASE either attach a resume or LIST acting or performing experience for all of the family members you are submitting (theater, film, commercials, etc..) OR other relatable experience (i.e. a lot of set experience, dance experience, public speaking or any other experience that might lend to being a good reactor).

NOTE: We will only be using 2 or possibly 3 kids with parents. IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 2 KIDS in the age range requested, we cannot guarantee that all the kids will be chosen. We will do our best to try and make it work, but they ideally asked for a mom and dad with 2 or maybe 3 kids at the most.
This will film/shoot in ATLANTA and you must be willing to work local here as an extra.

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