Principal Speaking Roles for Film ‘Jude & Jinn’ in Toronto, ON


Auditions in Canada, Toronto area for “Jude and Jinn”

Indie film entitled “Jude and Jinn” will be holding auditions in the Toronto area for principal speaking roles in the project as well as non-speaking ones. See casting details and role information below.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Type: Film

Jude & the Jinn: The Characters


JUDE Female. Age range: 30 – 45. Must be fluent and native Arabic speaker (any dialect).

• Jude owns a shisha café. She’s equal parts business woman and sassy fire-cracker; and deflects her discomfort with life’s uncertainties using her quick wit.

ALI Male. Age range: 25 – 35. Must be fluent and native Arabic speaker (any dialect).

• Ali is a regular customer at Jude’s café. He’s a buoyant, friendly guy who has a conspicuous crush on Jude.

JINN Male. Age range: 55+. Must be fluent and native Arabic speaker (any dialect).

• The Jinn. The mysterious wise-man who appears, seemingly, from thin air and has a penchant for speaking in riddles.

CUSTOMER Male. Age range: 25 – 55.

• The lone Westerner amongst Jude’s patrons. He speaks rarely, but when he does, he’s loud and disruptive.

NOTE: Script is written in English. All Arabic-speaking actors will be required to work with Director to translate their dialogue.


FRIEND Male. Age range: 25 – 35. Must be of Middle Eastern/North African ethnicity.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Toronto, Ontario
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