Food Network Casting Kids who can bake

Food Network is on the hunt looking for the most talented young bakers in the country!

Do your kids love to bake? Are they good at it? The Food Network is now casting for a new kids competition. They are looking for young bakers nationwide who are between the ages of 8 and 13 for a fun competition.

The Kids Baking Challenge is an exciting competition show where young bakers enter our kitchen in a fun baking battle to try and become… The Kids Baking Grand Champion!

Do you think your son or daughter was born to bake? Well if so, this is the perfect show for them! We are looking for kids between the ages of 8-13 who want to put their baking skills to the ultimate test.

Parents: If your child is perfect for the show please email us today at Put your city/state in the subject line and in the body of your email include your name and your child’s name, phone number, and email address. In addition, also include a photo of you and your child and a couple photos of some of their most impressive baked goods. Lastly, please tell us a little bit about your young baker and why you think he or she would be perfect for the show.

Casting kids for new food network cooking showThink your kid is the next Baking Grand Champion? Apply today to find out.


*Only submissions sent by parents will be accepted.*

Kids who want to submit to this new show will need to get their patents to submit them since the show will only be accepting submissions from parents.

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  1. Kayla

    My name is kayla, please email me to be on the show.

  2. Saniyah Smith

    Hi my name is Saniyah I am 10,almost eleven in July and I would love to go on the kids baking championship because I’ve been baking for 4 yrs and I have a lot of experience. I would like to show the skills that I have and WIN. I know you love spicy and and I didn’t forget about you Valerie. I know you love lemon and I love both spicy and lemon. I have watched the show on T.V so I have some experience on what you so are like especially you Duff. You were wild in the condominium episode. This would be a great opportunity to go on your show and it would also be great to see what you guys are like in person please let me be on your show so I can show you what I’ve got. Hopefully I can show you that I CAN DO IT thank you.

  3. Steven Cortez-Torres

    My name is Steven Cortez-Torres. I love to bake. I watch all of the food network shows and baking shows. I would really want to be on the show and hope you let me do it.

  4. Evelyn

    My son really wants to try for kids holiday baking championship.

  5. james lewis sr

    My name is James Leis and my child wants to sign up for kids baking champions, she watches it all day long and says she wants to be on the tv show really badly. I hope you get this from me, please reply for my child.

  6. Jontaya

    I love to bake food

  7. Jontaya


  8. Jontaya

    I want to be on kids baking championship because I want to own my very own restaurant when I grow up.

  9. Jontaya

    I love kids baking championship so much. I want to be on it. I want to show the world that anything is possible.

    1. Jontaya

      I HOPE I WIN. I NEED 25,000$.

  10. Abigail lutula

    My name is Abigail and I would love to bake, so please plz email me back.

  11. Nikinda Joseph

    Hi, my name is Nikinda Joseph and I love to cook. Mainly in life, I would like to show the whole world that I can cook.

  12. Aaliyha

    Hi! My name is Aaliyha, I am 10 and a half, my birthday is April 5th. I live in Columbus, Ohio & I started watching chopped. Then, when I turned 10 I started to cook & watch my family cook. Also, that show and my family inspired me to cook. Another thing, I really want to cook more & get the chance to show everybody I can cook. Finally, I mainly want to cook because I love to and it is one of my passions and I Think Its Time For A Bigger Crowd. Thank You so much!

  13. elijah

    I would love to show you guys I can cook.

  14. Levoghn hills

    Hi my name is levoghn hill and I’m a 12 year old African american. What got me into baking was watching shows on food network such as sweet genius and chopped and so much more. live in clovis california and would love this wonderful opportunity. I am the youngest kid with an online baking store.I one day would like to become a culinary pastry chef with a 5 star restaurant. Just imagine all the best chefs were once kids, give me a chance you wont regret it.

  15. Destinee Orr

    Hi! My Name Is Destinee, I Am A 13 Year Old Girl & I Live In Cleveland Ohio. When I Was 11 I Started Watching A Show Called Chopped. That Show Inspired Me That I Had Known From That Point On What I Wanted To Do In Life. I Come From A Big Family And They LOVE To Eat. My Mom Is A Cooker, But She Doesn’t Cook Much. I Want To Set A Goal For My Siblings To Show Them That Theirs More In Life Than Eating Candy And Eating Chips All Day. I Want To Show Them That There’s Other Different Taste In Life . Mainly I Want To Show Them That They Can Be ANYTHING They Please To Be, As Long As They Set They Mind To It! This Has Been My Dream. I Have Been Cooking In Front Of My Family For A While And I Think Its Time For A Bigger Crowd. Thank You.

  16. Jessica

    My duaghter really want to try out for the FOOD NETWORK kids baking challenge.

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