FOX new show “Empire” Needs lots of paid Extras in Chicago

By | March 10, 2014

The Lee Daniels new series “Empire“, about hip hop moguls is looking for lots of paid extras and background actors. The project is beginning production around the Chicago area and has released a casting notice for lots of roles.

The show is just beginning to film so there will most likely be quite a few more notices for other types coming up shortly.

Please note this films in the Chicago area. Please only apply if you are local to the Chicago area.

Empire” is a new series pilot about the business of music, more specifically the business of hip hop. The new 20th Century Fox drama will be directed by Lee Daniels, Danny Strong (The Butler) and Brian Grazer (“A beautiful mind”, “Apollo 13?). “Empire” stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

Empire” tells the story of a family run music business and Hip Hop empire and reports about the story state the the show will have new music featured as well as current hits. The Star Online reported that new music for the show will be written produced by Timbaland who has produced music for Madonna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Elton John, Justin Timberlake.

Please note the below dates, when applying make sure that you have full availability on the requested date as filming hours can be 8 to 12 hours with various call times that can range from early morning to late night.

Empire casting call background extras in Chicago

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19 we are looking for:

AFRICAN AMERICAN and CAUCASIAN SECURITY GUARDS. Submit an email including appropriate pictures, with the subject GUARDS 3.19

AFRICAN AMERICAN, PUERTO RICAN, and CAUCASIAN FEMALE PRISONERS. Submit an email with you looking your toughest, with the subject PRISONERS 3.19

VISITORS (at the female prison). Submit an email with your best 90’s look, with the subject VISITORS 3.19

THURSDAY, MARCH 20 we are looking for:

TRENDY NIGHT CLUBBERS, ages 20’s-30’s. Submit an email with your trendiest photos, with the subject NIGHT CLUB 3.20

CAUCASIAN 1994 NIGHT CLUBBERS. Submit an email with your trendiest look from the mid 90’s, with the subject 94 NIGHT CLUB 3.20

RADIO EXECS. Submit an email including pictures of you in a suit, looking trendy and powerful, with the subject RECORD EXECS 3.20

COCKTAIL WAITERS/WAITRESSES. Submit an email with pictures of you as a server/wait staff, with the subject COCKTAIL 3.20

MONDAY, MARCH 24 we are looking for:

AFRICAN AMERICAN BOARD MEMBERS, ages 25-40. Submit an email including a picture of you in your best work suit, with the subject AA BOARD 3.24

REPORTERS. Submit an email of you looking like a reporter with the subject REPORTER 3.24.

EMPIRE EMPLOYEES. Submit an email including pictures of you looking like an office worker, with the subject EMP EMPLOYEE 3.24

LAWYER TYPES. Submit an email with multiple pictures of your best lawyer look, with the subject LAWYER 3.24

Submit ALL emails with the appropriate subject to

In your email, include NAME, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, AGE, and PHONE NUMBER! Also include three pictures of yourself showing off your best looks (or looks that relate to what you’re submitting for).

Submit ALL emails with the appropriate subject to

This is NOT all that we’re looking for. Keep your eyes peeled for more coming very soon! Spread the word, tell your friends, and let’s get ready for an amazing show!

Casting for this project is being handled by Joan Philo in Chicago.

3 thoughts on “FOX new show “Empire” Needs lots of paid Extras in Chicago

  1. Deven L. "Reali$zm" Glover

    I want to audition for Empire season two why?
    Because I am an inspired hip hop dancer and manager/member of dance company World FreeStylers. Turning dreams into reality, proving you can become what you want when dedicated.
    A devoted published poet/ writer and recording artist.
    I do this for the people back home, to have witnesses of my dreams, don’t see me as a celebrity but someone with a gift/talent.

    1. erica Post author

      Yes, they are only looking for locals since this is for extras.


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