HGTV now casting “Who Lived in My House”

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Does the home you own have an interesting story to tell? You can find out because HGTV’s show “Who Lived In My House” is looking for homes and homeowners looking to discover the past.

You never know when your home may have an interesting story of its own to tell.

You may discover medical mysteries, and stories hidden behind layers of wallpaper. Your home may have secrets waiting to be told!

Did a former president or politician live in your home? Was your home a hotbed for contraband liquor during the depression? Did you discover a secret passage that housed runaway slaves during the civil war? Perhaps your home may have a secret you never imagined that has left you wondering: Who Has Lived in My House?

If you or someone you know has a home revelation, secret or discovery we want to hear from you!! E-mail us at and tell us your story.

Please include your name, age, location, photos and as many details about your home and the stories you’ve discovered. We look forward to hearing from you!

HGTV casting call

If you are wondering about the show, you can check out other episodes on HGTV and maybe your home will be the next featured.

Previous show episodes uncovered a Gettysburg home has a dramatic story to tell.

A 200-year-old time capsule is discovered in Rockland, Massachusetts and an Elgin, Illinois home was paid for by illicit activity.


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