Mena Suvari Pilot “Hysteria” needs extras in Austin

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Amazon Studios will be bringing it’s own original programming to their streaming subscribers. The network has ordered the pilot “Hysteria” which stars Mena Suvari. The show will begin production in the Austin Texas area this June and is in need of many paid TV show extras.

Hysteria” is about a mysterious outbreak that seems to only be affecting high school girls. “Hysteria” stars Mena Suvari (Chicago Fire) as a doctor, a neurologist/psychiatrist. She begins an investigation of a recent unexplained outbreak in Austin Texas, which is also her hometown. The outbreak is affecting high school girls and is somehow linked to technology. This is not the first time something like this may have happened in Austin, 25 years ago her brother was sent to prison over a similar event and she now wants to not only get to the bottom of what is causing the outbreak and “Hysteria” but also wants to finally exonerate her brother. Grey’s Anatomy star, T.R. Knight will play the brother who may somehow hold the key to figuring out what exactly is going on.

The project is looking for Austin area adults that would like to participate in a TV show. You must be a Texas resident with valid Texas ID to be considered for these roles.

casting call for extras in Hysteria TV series

Here is the notice:

Beth Sepko Casting/Third Coast Extras is taking general submissions for Extras to work on HYSTERIA, a new pilot starring Mena Suvari and executive produced by Shaun Cassidy. Shooting in and around the Austin, TX area on weekdays Mon-Fri. between June 9 – June 27.


You’ll need a flexible schedule with the ability to clear time for the WHOLE day(s) and/or night(s) that we book you to work (we don’t get call times until the night before a shoot. Most call times are early morning) & you’ll need to have your own reliable transportation to get to the sets- either in Austin or outside of town on location.

Minimum pay guarantee for extras is $72.50 for 10 hrs.

We are looking for people of all ethnicities to play:

  • High school students (18+) or very early 20’s to play younger
  • Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staff
  • Cops/Guards
  • Sickly looking patients
  • Tough, strong, mean female guard
  • Suburban parent types & general background/passerbys
  • Homeless street folks

To submit, email us at- w/ subject heading “Hysteria General” and follow directions below exactly:

Please list your general availability Mondays-Fridays between June 9 – June 27.

Please include: name, age, phone #, location (Austin?), and height/weight. Attach plenty of clear, well-lit, current photos in high resolution – including both close up photos AND full length photos that accurately display your current look for the role you believe you are a good fit for.

IMPORTANT: Must be Texas resident w/ valid Texas ID (driver’s license, identification card, student ID) who lives in (or at least nearby) to Austin, TX since shoots days can change at the last minute. Please don’t submit if you’re not local to the area or nearby. Even if you’ve submitted or worked with us on a previous project, please follow directions and submit again for this project. We want your most updated info & current photos to show Director. Thank you!

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