New VH1 DNA Show Looking for People Seeking The Truth about Family Members

By | March 6, 2014

VH1’s New TV Show Centered on DNA Testing Can Help You Discover the Truth About Your Family!

Location: NYC

Type: Reality TV


  • Were you adopted?
  • Do you think you’ve finally found your biological parents or siblings?
  • Perhaps you are a donor child who has finally found a potential sibling match on a donor sibling registry?
  • Wondering “who’s your daddy?”

Let VH1’s new television series help you reunite with your family members!

VH1 is currently looking for people who have questions about their family- have some sort of missing link- and who are are willing to tell their story on camera!

In order to appear on the show, you do need to have a secondary participant come on the show with you and consent to doing the DNA test with you. (**This show is about highlighting the DNA test results, not so much about the search or investigation for family, so if you have no potential matches or possible people to test your DNA with, then this is not for you).

If you are selected to participate, you will have the opportunity to inspire millions of viewers with your unique story, get a DNA test (which will help reaffirm your ancestry) and finally get the chance to establish bonds with family that you never knew was yours. Please send your full name, story, picture, location and contact info to given email. There is compensation for show participants!

New VH1 show

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: NYC
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: VH1/Powderhouse Productions

One thought on “New VH1 DNA Show Looking for People Seeking The Truth about Family Members

  1. nikeya blevins

    I have a fantastic idea about reality or scripted reality tv show that has never been done before I’m certain. It has elements of my life that was so chaotic and dramatic that I thought to myself if there were cameras present this WOULD be a hit. NO ONE has ever covered this topic but it affects lots of peoples lives. If interested please message me back. If you like my idea I want to be treated part of this project preferably as one of the main characters. This is INGENIOUS!


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