OCEANSIDE, CA Casting Notice for Film “Maybe”

By | October 1, 2014

Open auditions for indie film in the San Diego / Oceanside, CA area.

Director John Goodman is now casting for an indie short entitled “Maybe“. The film will be shooting in the San Diego / Oceanside area later this month and auditions for actors are scheduled for the 10th of October, also in Oceanside, California.

The film is looking to cast men between the ages of 20 and 30 for the project.

Maybe” is the story of a young man who, through a strange occurrence of events, questions the concepts of fate, coincidence, and the inevitable.

About the film:

Thomas is relaxing on the beach one day when his dog suddenly gets away from him. Instinctively, he runs after his pet but naively abandons his backpack only to return to find it stolen. The thieves use his wallet money to buy drugs and one begins to overdose. Through random occurrence, Thomas finds them during the panic of the overdose and rushes them to the hospital. When they arrive, he finds that his stolen iPod has returned to him from slipping out of one of the thieves pocket thus revealing who he has just saved. Bitterly, he confronts them in the hospital lobby and only asks the location of his backpack. On his way out, he overhears a news flash on t.v. declaring the flight he was going to be on that night has crashed.

Character Description/ Bios

Thomas begins and ends the story in constant wonder about life. He recounts the story of a neighbor of his that accepted fortunate and unfortunate events with merely a shrug of the shoulder. He is an overall good guy with a calm demeanor and long-time girlfriend. His life has been very orderly and lacking of extravagant events until this day.

Jared is the leader of their 3-piece unit. Him, and his crew, live and breathe the streets. This is more of an image for him for he does have a nice home to return to every night. Though acting tough, he has to come to grips with mortality during his younger brothers overdose.

Mike is the self-assured cocky younger brother of Jared. Him and his brother are very close and he looks up to Jared with admiration.

Kenny is the 3rd and final wheel of this tight friendship. He keeps the balance between the 2 brothers and might as well be considered family.

Hospital lobby family members; Doctor; etc.

Auditions will be held October 10th from 7-9pm. Appointments preferred via email but walk-ins are welcome.

Casting Director is Jason Steck and the auditions will be held at 302 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside CA 92054

To request an audition slot, please email: mediatechjohn14@gmail.comAuditions for lead roles, supporting roles and extras in short movie.

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