Open Casting Call for Zombie Indie Film in Florida

Are you dying to be in a Zombie movie?

The Indie short “Green From the Grave,” will be holding an open casting call for speaking roles, featured extras and extras this coming Saturday in Melbourne.

The short zombie film will be a dark comedy that will be distributed to film festivals across the State. There are 5 main roles to fill as well as some small non-speaking parts. All roles will be unpaid and talent will get credit for their part.

If you are a huge fan of the “Walking Dead” and have always wanted to be a part of the zombie apocalypse, here is your chance. The small production company behind this project is Space Coast Film and Talent Group.

The film will shoot in early May and currently it is scheduled for production on May 3 and 4. There are also alternate dates of May 10 and 11, just in case the weather isn’t that great on the 3rd and 4th. The film will be shot locally in Melbourne and Palm Bay.

Actors and those who would like to be actors are asked to bring headshots and resumes to the audition. If you would like to get the sides before the actual audition date, you can email with your request.

Zombie casting call
Zombie Extras wanted

Casting for “Green From the Grave”

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday

Wolfman and Wolfman PA, 1300 Bedford Drive, Melbourne

If you would like more information or to request sides please call 321-759-7256 or email

Here are the role breakdowns

Deputy Brown – Late 20s or 30s, he’s loyal to the sheriff and tries to be by the book but a bit timid at the job. Actor needs to be able to wear a medium- to large uniform shirt and 34-36 pants preferably (supplied) and black shoes (not supplied).

Wife – Mid- to late 30s, an attractive lady who loves her husband, John, but is naive and very curious of his work at the lab. There will be a bedroom scene with the husband. No nudity, but actress will be in a conservative nightie. Must be comfortable doing this. Wardrobe will be a nice dresses, blouse (2 sets) One nightie.

Frank – 30s to early 40s. Hardworking quiet kind of guy who is the wrong place at the wrong time at the lab. Becomes a zombie. Business attire wardrobe. It will become torn and shredded.

Bill – Late 20s party animal who does not take his job at the lab too seriously. Becomes careless. Business attire wardrobe.

John – Mid-30s to early 40s, a well-groomed, in shape, attractive guy who is very businesslike and takes control to eliminate the threat to the area. This role is the main lead. (One bedroom scene calls for bare chested). Business attire wardrobe (2 sets), one set will become dirty and ruffled. Role calls for minor stunt scene tuck and roll.



Young Man –  Early 20s (no sides, but auditioning), he’s a boyfriend to girl. No lines but will be featured background. Prefer actor who can do own zombie makeup. Bring sample zombie makeup photo. Additional elements will be supplied. Must be comfortable in a somewhat heavy but short kissing scene with actress. Responsible for own wardrobe, which will eventually be cut up.

Young Woman –  Early 20s, attractive, in shape, buxom girl (no sides but auditioning). Featured background. No lines, but she will need to scream. Must be comfortable in a short, heavy kissing scene with above actor. Must be comfortable in short skirt and baring parts of mid-section, top, (no nudity) and thigh area while as a Zombie. Prefer actress who can do own zombie makeup. Bring sample makeup photo. Additional elements will be supplied. Responsible for own wardrobe, which will be eventually cut

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