Robert Rodriguez “Dusk Till Dawn” Austin Extras

By | January 12, 2014

Vampire TV Series “Dusk Till Dawn”

Robert Rodriguez cult classic vampire film, “From Dusk Till Dawn” is now being re-made into a TV series about a cult of vampires South of the border.

Robert Rodriguez is directing and writing the new show and the series is scheduled to premiere on his new television Network, El Rey. This will be the first scripted series for the new network.

The original movie had a great cast which included George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel, Tito & Tarantula, Juliette Lewis, Salma Hayek, Cheech Marin, Tom Savini, Fred Williamson and Danny Trejo. The new series is rumored to be bringing back some of the old characters including Santánico Pandemonium (originally played by Selma Hayak) who will now be played by Eiza Gonzalez.

The TV show, “Dusk Till Dawn” is currently filming in the Austin Texas area and casting directors at Beth Speko casting are looking for Latino extras who can play kids or elders. They are specifically looking for extras that live in the Austin TX area and are ages 6 to 10 or are 60 to 80.  This is a paid job. Pay rate will be on an hourly basis between $60 to $80 for the day, depending on hours worked. No travel expenses will be covered.

From Dusk till Dawn

Here is the full casting call from Beth Speko casting:

Casting Call: HISPANIC MEN & WOMEN AGES 60s- 80s and HISPANIC KIDS AGES 6 to 10!

IMPORTANT: Must be Texas resident w/ valid Texas ID who lives in (or at least nearby) to Austin, TX since shoots days can change at the last minute. Please don’t submit if you’re not local to the area or nearby.

We’re still taking submissions for those specific Extras to work on Robert Rodriguez’s TV Series “From Dusk Till Dawn” in Austin on January 23rd. (New faces only who haven’t appeared on this show yet, please). Share this with anyone who fits this look!

Must match one of the descriptions below and have full day/evening availability on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014. We’ll be showing photos to the Producers/ Director and we still need more of the following to fit the scene:

Elders: Hispanic males and females age 60s-80s to play people in a small rural town in Mexico

Kids: Hispanic children, males and females ages 6-10 (Real siblings a plus, please note in your email if you are submitting a real brother & sister) to play kids playing in a small rural town in Mexico.

Must have reliable transportation to get to the set in Austin or on location outside of town for a possible early morning call time on Thursday, Jan. 23. (Date subject to change.)

Pay rate is $79.75/10hr for adults and $60/8hr for kids.

To submit, email us at: w/ subject heading “1/23 Elders”, or “1/23 Kids” depending on which you are applying for and follow directions below exactly:

Men: Include name, age, phone #, location (Austin?), height/weight and attach plenty of clear, well-lit, high resolution current photos both close up and full length.

Women: Include name, age, phone #, location (Austin?), height/weight and attach plenty of clear, well-lit, high resolution current photos both close up and full length.

Kids: Include name(s), age(s), parent’s contact phone #, location (Austin?) and height/weight. Attach plenty of clear, well-lit, current photos in high resolution – including both close up photos and full length photos.

Please make sure you follow all the above instructions to submit for this project.
If you have never seen the original ’96 film, check out its trailer:

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