Teen Singer Auditions for Girl Group in Fayetteville, NC


Girl Group

Location: Fayetteville Nc

Type: Singers

Hello, My name is Destiny I need 2 girls for a girl group, Im trying to make it to the top & get us known meaning gigs ans etc you must be 16-19 years old. You must can sing , Dance or rap. Must have nice body and a pretty smile. If we make this group my promise we going to be famous . Follow me on twitter : @Dutchez___ , Email: Destinyalston11812@icloud.com , you must be close to my area and ready for practice and to be a star. Auditions will be hold till i find the right girls.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Fayetteville Nc
Please submit to: destinyalston11812@icloud.com by 1996-08-27

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3 thoughts on “Teen Singer Auditions for Girl Group in Fayetteville, NC

  1. Jacey Turner

    Hello my name is JaCoya “Jacey Smiles” Turner. I would love to be in your girl group, I am a singer, dancer, actress, rapper,and designer. I wake up everyday waiting to have a chance to become a singer. I’m 5’6, 135, and I am 16 going on 17. I would love to be in your group. email me when you have the chance. Smiles are the only option for Jacey!

  2. Thaiyona Anderson

    Hey, I stay in fayetteville. I’m 16 and I can sing, dance and rap.

  3. Mary

    Hello casting team. My name is Mary Brock and I am 16 years old. Ive wanted to be an actress since I could remember but I’ve had so many bumps in my past from following my dreams. I’m better now so I’m ready to try. I have almost shoulder length, bleached blonde hair, and hazel/blue eyes. I’m kinda pale. I’m around 5’5 and I’m very hyper and active, I have a couple scars.. I’m in theater arts at my school and I am very dedicated to that class. Acting is my life, but I haven’t got anywhere yet. I live in North Carolina and I’ll do any thing so can to attend these casting calls. I also enjoy singing. Please email me back when you have the chance.


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