Theater Auditions in Australia for ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’


Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia


Four young people, one night, countless bottles of wine
You are invited to George and Martha’s for an evening of fun and games…

After a night of partying, George and Martha are joined by young couple, Nick and Honey. The stage is set for a night of drunken recriminations and revelations. As more drinks are consumed and illusions tested, these two couples are plunged into a sadistic and perversely humorous series of games that call into question their past, loyalty and sanity.

Battle-lines are drawn as Martha and George drag their guests into their own private hell.
Edward Albee’s play caused controversy when first staged in 1962 for its profanity and savagely unromanticised portrait of marriage and relationships.

This new adaptation recreates the fierce characters as young people, navigating the minefield of lies and illusions that are inherent in relationships. Deliciously toxic and acidly funny, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” pits intelligent and creative minds against one another in a ferocious fight that calls into question: Is the lie that inspires truly better than the truth that defeats?

Who'e Afraid of Virginia Woolf? auditions in Australia
This new production will be performed at the Phoenix Theatre from the 14-22 November.
Unpaid production, but it will be entered into festivals in Sydney next year

GEORGE – Well-kept, meek, shrewd, very quick-witted. Married to Martha. 25.
MARTHA – A boisterous woman, loud, aggressive, vulgar, unfulfilled. Married to George. 27.
NICK – Very good-looking and masculine, smug, straight-forward and blunt. In a relationship with Honey 22.
HONEY – Somewhat plain but effortlessly beautiful, childlike innocence and fond of a drink or two. In a relationship with Nick. 21.

Auditions will be held on Monday the 8th of September at the Phoenix Theatre in Coniston.

The theater is located at 24 Bridge Street Coniston NSW 2500.

Please email for more information and/or to book an audition.

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