Auditions in CT / RI for Actress, Lead Role in Indie Short Film



Location: West Cornwall, CT

Type: Film

Non-Union, Indie film “Abednego” seeks replacement lead. Film will be produced in Providence Rhode Island and West Cornwall, Connecticut by the Rhode Island School of Design. This is an up-paid role.

We are shooting a relatively large indie film. Our female lead can no longer act for us and we are shooting in one week! Need a replacement cast ASAP!

The film we plan to shoot revolves around a maternal relationship in which a mother and daughter deal with the struggles of family, independence, and their own pasts. The short film will take on a horror twist as the mother begins to hear and see things that appear to not exist while the daughter is resigned to believe her mother’s health is deteriorating despite her protests. The challenge is to represent these characters without falling into the same tropes typically applied to such characters, especially in the canon horror genre.

This film is focused on exploring female protagonists in film. As women aiming to produce work in the film industry we are aware of the current standing of gender inequality in film. Thus we are aware of the importance of creating realistic female characters. Unfortunately, even many female directors fail in creating complex female characters, even often reinforcing stereotypes. We are interested in learning about common tropes as well as how to avoid common tropes in this topic. This knowledge can be applied throughout our careers as filmmakers and artists so that we can help to balance the scales and represent women equally.

Elise is a strong willed woman. Mother of two full-grown children named Emily and Amanda. She loves both of her children with all her heart, despite Emily’s obvious struggle to seem better than Amanda. Her husband died 5 years ago of heart failure, and now that she too is terminally ill (unknown to her daughters) she has decided to go back to her old family’s victorian home and die surrounded by good childhood memories. She is more afraid of scaring her children than of facing death, and doesn’t want to trouble anyone. Elise’s sister, who recently passed and left her full inheritance of the house, was much the same way.

Shoots December 5, 2015 – December 6, 2015

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: West Cornwall, CT
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  1. Diana Ross Hardin

    Available anytime. I am a grand mom.


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