Atlanta / Lithonia Area – Stage Play Seeks Cast


Domestic Violence Stage Play Production

Location: Lithonia, Atlanta, Georgia & Surrounding Areas

Type: Theater

We are seeking actors/cast, crew, stylist, production assistants, set design personnel, lighting technicians, camera personnel and all positions dealing with stage play/theater and film production, music production, singers, dancers and sponsors for our next June 2015 stage play.

A woman who lost her mother and grandmother to domestic violence finds herself in the fight of her life when she reunites with an old flame. Will she cry out for help before its too late?

This is a play that reflects on some of the issues of women/ men everywhere, which for one reason or another has tried to hide from the realities of his/her life. There are four main characters, each with a background of domestic violence. The common factor is how each character portrays that level of violence in his or her life. All four characters have to face the realities of their world. Based on their level of faith and trust in God. They come to realize that pain has no respect of person. Each character is confronted with a moment of truth and must make a life or death decision as it relates to their life.

Casting Call for the Lithonia, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas:
The Silent Cry – Stage Play Production – Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Actress and Model Sandra Velasquez, CEO/Founder of Velasquez Productions LLC, Producer Anthony Andre Jones, CEO/Founder, Chase Nelson Consultants International LLC, Music Producer, Recording Artist, Actor Paul Allen and Silent Cry Stage Play Director, Writer, Filmmaker Stephen “Stix” Josey present a therapeutic domestic violence based stage play production entitled “The Silent Cry”.

Will be performed at:

Overcomers Christian Fellowship Church, 7373 Covington Hwy, Lithonia, Georgia, 30058. After our first performance in June, this epic stage play production will continue on the road to Charlotte, North Carolina, Los Angeles, California and other cities nationwide.

We are slated to and are in negotiations to cast (2) branded named lead Actors/R&B singer in our future productions which will draw national attention for our project. Silent Cry LLC will be donating partial proceeds to domestic violence victims. This June 2015 stage play is on a volunteer basis with no pay.

We will supply food/refreshments for all rehearsals and the actual pay date. All actors and crew that continue with this production will be contracted on a budgeted pay basis. All actors will receive their own film reel and a copy of the edited DVD of the play production from that date. All characters are being cast from any nationality, all nationalities can cast for each character.

Video release forms will be issued for signature and adults/parents will have to sign for anyone 16 years old or younger. All interested parties, please email your actor/crew/production bios/photos and links, vendor table request or sponsorship participation and website/links to:

Attention: you must list your information in the subject matter block of your email in this format and place all your information i.e. bio/links to your work in the body of the email, try to place your photo also in the body or attach it (for actors – your email must be sent in this format only or the email will not be opened or considered – for crew, please put what your production crew skill base is in the same area where what character you are casting for is in the subject matter block): Subject Matter Block Format – Full Name, Ethnic Background & Male or Female, Age Range You Can Play, What Character Are You Casting For From Our List/Crew Position Desired, Where You Live, Your Mobile Telephone Number – here is an example: Anthony Andre Jones, African-American Male, 40 – 50, Casting for Preacher or Crew/Production Position, Wake Forest, North Carolina. 212.222.2222
Schedule of Casting Call/Audition:

*Audition/Casting Call – TBA (to be announced) @ Overcomers Christian Fellowship Church, 7373 Covington Hwy, Lithonia, Georgia, 30058. Actors must bring (2) head-shots and bios. Crew and production support bring (2) copies of your bio/links. Anyone presenting music must bring (2) CD’s with songs, score. Singers must bring (2) photos and (2) CD’s of your music. Female voice-overs if you have any voice-over examples on CD bring (1) copy. Dancers please bring (1) full body photo. Any business entities that are willing to sponsor our production you can also attend and/or email your information and one of our Producers will contact you and setup an appointment to visit your business location for a meeting. Artists/painters please bring an example of your work, you can take a picture with your phone and show this to us. Pictures and artwork will be used for stage backdrop and also can be featured in the lobby the date of the stage play for sale.
Schedule of Rehearsals

*Rehearsals will take place on these dates:

TBA (to be announced) @ Overcomers Christian Fellowship Church, 7373 Covington Hwy, Lithonia, Georgia, 30058.
*Note – The information/details about the audition/casting call and rehearsals will be emailed to all once you send your bio/photos/information etc. to the above email address.

Silent Cry Character Breakdown

KELLY- Young wife in her mid to late 30’s, mother of one daughter (Alex). She is slender built and a well-dressed woman. She has a successful career, very professional woman.

JAY- Young husband in his late 30’s, father of one daughter (Alex). He is medium built, very handsome and well-dressed. Jay is very controlling, in-secure, very articulate and well groomed.

MONA LISA- Best friend of Kelly and a singer. She is in her late 30’s-early 40’s. Married with no children. She has a successful singing career and marriage. Mona Lisa is a well proportioned lady who is well dressed and is in her second marriage.

TROY- Husband of Mona Lisa and a successful business man. He is very supportive of Mona Lisa singing career. Troy is well dressed, handsome in his early 40’s.

ALEX/Teen- Daughter of Kelly and Jay, she is a teen (16 years old) who has witnessed the physical abuse of her mother by her father. She is a light skinned girl with long hair and very mature for her age.

MS. ANGEL- Older lady in her mid to late 50’s, she is the next door neighbor of Jay and Kelly. She is very familiar to the history of abuse that has been in Kelly’s family. Ms. Angel has always been the one who could calm Jay down.

MISS HOLMES- Middle aged woman in her mid to late 50’s.

DEACON JEFFERS- Middle aged woman or man, who is funny and likes to be in control of church business.

PREACHER-Middle aged man, well dressed and nicely built, cares about people and has a heart for the hurting.

ALEX/mid to late 30’s- Older version. Well proportioned, and well dressed, very attractive. She is a successful singer and divorce. She is on a road to end the cycle of abuse in her life that was passed down from her mother.

LEON/mid 30’s – early 40’s -Very attractive, tall built guy. He is well dressed and successful. He is used to getting any woman that he wants. Leon is very controlling and when he can’t control his lady friends then he becomes abusive. He is in-love with Alex and has always wanted her but when she rejects him, he becomes violent.

MINI MAE- Older lady in her early 60’s. She is Leon’s mother and Godmother to Alex. She is also a prayer warrior who survived an abusive marriage. Mini Mae tries to warn Alex about her son and pushes her to face the truth about her past.

(2) POLICE OFFICERS/2 males or male and female- Actors should have a police uniform/security officer uniform. First officer in his/her late 20’s – early 30’s and the second officer in his/her late 30’s – late 40’s.


FEMALE VOICE-OVER – Mature voice, hopefully someone with this background.

SINGERS (GOSPEL/R&B) – Male and Female Adults.

15 Young Adults/Teenagers – For church scene, (for the play only – some will be casually dressed for a funeral scene and some in regular clothes).

MUSIC/SONGS/SCORE NEEDED- We need gospel or contemporary music/songs/score/songs with lyrics or instrumental, please bring (2) CD’s for music placement consideration.

ARTIST/ARTWORK/PICTURES/PAINTINGS – For set design backdrop (you can email a photo/portfolio of your artwork/pictures and/or links and we may need you for set design).

VENDOR TABLES – Any vendors wanting to sell their products on the day of the stage play production can purchase a table space for $100.00. Your product will receive credit in all advertisement and can be sold to the general public/customers on the stage play date in the lobby/surrounding area. Vendors with books, jewelry, consumer products, clothing etc. please apply via email and we will contact you directly before the production and we will meet with you prior to the stage play date.

LOCAL ATLANTA & LITHONIA, GEORGIA and SURROUNDING AREAS SPONSORS – Production needs sponsors for food, printing services or anyone wanting advertisement credit.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Lithonia, Atlanta, Georgia & Surrounding Areas
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Anthony Andre Jones

2 thoughts on “Atlanta / Lithonia Area – Stage Play Seeks Cast

  1. Nazaire Rivera

    I am black mixed. I can cry on cue and remember lines well. I was involed with the alliance theater program in Decatur GA at the porter sanford theater. I am 175 pounds and would like for you guys to contact me as soon as possible if you can.

  2. Eno Frank

    Very Interested please contact me at your earliest convenience.


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