Call for Actors in L.A. – Lead & Supporting Roles in Student Film Project “The Growing Family”

By | September 30, 2015

The Growing Family

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Student Films

Hi, My name is Octavia, and I’m a graduate student in Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television. I’m looking for six actors (two main, four supporting) to play roles in a short (3:30) film. Filming will take place on October 26, 2015 from 9am to 5pm. The roles are not compensated, but coffee and lunch will be provided, as well as credit and an HD digital copy of the film.
Auditions will be held on October 3rd and October 10th. If interested, please send an email to, along with a photo of yourself and a couple sentences about why you’re interested in the project.

About the project:

Eunice and Jason Park have been trying to have a child for years, ultimately without success. Their friends keep making well-intentioned comments about what good parents they’d be, while Eunice’s mother-in-law, already difficult to please, is growing impatient. After struggling with this emotional burden, Eunice and Jason finally make a decision that will change their lives.

The Growing Family movie

Main Roles:

Eunice is a loving woman whose natural vibrancy has been dimmed by her and her husband’s inability to conceive. She’s older than Jason, and so her in-laws have had a difficult time accepting her. Eunice is sweet and funny, though any talk of children will cause her to emotionally withdraw. She and Jason have had a difficult time connecting throughout this process, but it’s clear they love each other.

Jason is a kind and busy entrepreneur. He married Eunice because he loves her deeply, but his parents’ lack of warmth for her occasionally causes him frustration. Jason is equally heartbroken over his and Eunice’s infertility, but his efforts to be strong for Eunice have resulted in some emotional distance.

Supporting Roles:

Mrs. Park has always doted on her only child, Jason, though she disapproved immensely of his marriage to Eunice. Mrs. Park appears a bit cold, especially toward Eunice, but her attitude is really a misguided form of love for her son—she really does want the best for him.

Mr. Park is a quiet man whose feelings are never on display. When Jason tries to engage him with news about his business, Mr. Park is unmoved. Through Mr. Park, one can see where Jason learned his idea of strength.

The social worker who meets with Jason and Eunice as they make their big decision.

Featured Image Credit: Some rights reserved by Sydney Treasures Photography

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: by 2015-10-10

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