Casting People With Funny Moms in The Tri-State Area


Got a funny mom? Casting directors want to hear about it.

The show is seeking some funny moms and their grown kids for a shoot in the New York City area next month.


Does your mom send you – intentionally or unintentionally – hilarious texts and leave you endless voicemails that you can’t wait to share with your friends? Are you convinced that everything she sends you could end up going viral? Does she STILL critique your outfit choices and diet habits from miles away? Can she just not resist asking you those questions that really push your buttons? BUT do you just love her anyway?

If so, we want to hear from you! We need people with great and funny mom stories to participate in a small and super fun project that requires minimal time. We’re looking for women and men AND their moms in the tri-state area who are available for a fun and quick shoot during the week of March 2nd in New York City.

Please email and send us your names, phone numbers, as well as one funny example or story about your mom that you think shows why people would find your mom absolutely hysterical.

You must be 21 years of age to apply. To be considered, you must meet all eligibility requirements as determined by the producers at their final discretion and will be required to fill out, sign and agree to all of the terms and conditions of producer’s required forms.

Casting funny moms in NY area

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