Casting for TV Comedic Pilot in L.A. – Lead and Supporting Roles



Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: TV Pilots

A comedy series with a twist on storytelling – this revolutionary concept will have you in stitches, just not literally. Each episode is a compilation of stories from strangers who decide to contribute. It’s a crowd sourced tale that is then honed into one unique story.

Auditions will be held Monday March 30th in Mid-City. Submit to schedule an audition time and additional information.

[RUBIN] (lead)
Male, 50-65, Caucasian
Description: Large, overweight, tall, beer belly, long beard. White/Grey hair preferred but not required.
Character: a struggling musician who plays in a heavy metal band, realizes his life is meant for greater things than just heavy metal.
Audition Reqs: Vocal performance and dance skills necessary. You will be reading sides, singing the national anthem and preparing a short rap.

[ASIAN MAN] (Supporting)
Male, 35-65, Asian
Description: short 5’7 or below, heavy Brooklyn accent; meets Rubin in his weakest moment and helps him realize his true and full potential; vocal performance and dance skills preferred.
Audition Reqs: read sides, sing the national anthem and prepare a short rap. Must be able to dance!

[OLD JEWISH MOTHER] (Supporting)
Female, 60+, Caucasian
Nagging Jewish mother, who vents to her son on the phone about how she is dying of cancer and how she wants her son to become a rabbi.
Audition Reqs: reading sides.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by 2015-03-29

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