Major Cable Show Seeking Transgender Women Willing To Share Their Story


Title: Mothers and Daughters

Nationwide, Paid
Reality TV / Docu-series

CASTING TEENAGE DAUGHTERS WHOSE MOMS WERE BORN A MALE to star in a new television docu-series to air on a major cable network. We’re looking for outspoken and confident young females and transgender women ages 12 – 45 who are willing to share their story as a teenage daughter coming of age with questions of womanhood and moms who were born a male. As a mom, are you faced with the challenges from a male’s point of view or female when having “the sex talk?” When identifying as a woman, do you consider yourself motherly? What about the father.

Does he support your decisions when it comes to raising your daughter? As a teenage daughter, what are your concerns? If this is you or someone you know, we want to hear from you. Please submit your photo, age, name, and contact info. Also, let us know why you’re a perfect fit for the show.

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