Casting all kinds of families for a brand new series in Philly, NJ, Delaware and CT

By | February 26, 2015


Location: NJ, Delaware, CT , Philly

Type: Docu-series

Casting all kinds of families for a brand new series, featuring Fortune 500 Business strategist Victor Antonio. We are looking for families nationwide who want to free themselves of financial burdens and work towards a debt free lifestyle.

It’s a tough subject matter to say the least and people are generally reluctant to put their personal business on TV. However, this is a show that touches EVERYONE in America.

One hospital bill, downsizing of a position or potential foreclosure or repossession notice can cause financial hardship and stress on the entire family and sometimes bring in someone with incredible experience and a proven track record to help can be an unexpected blessing.” We want to get the word out to as many people as possible from affluent to middle class and let them know it’s nothing to be ashamed of and will encourage and inspire other families to do what it takes to make things right.

We really want to help struggling families and their kids and/or businesses make 2015 the year they get financially back on track. Chosen families work with Victor for a week and then we revisit them three months later to check on their progress.

Families that are selected will be compensated.

Please send contact info, small blurb of your situation and photo of family to:

Thank you in advance for your willingness and we hope to be able to help you get back on track. 323-822-7389 Payment: Paid City or Location : NJ , DE, NY, PHILLY , CT

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