Open Auditions for Actress / Lead Female Roles in Dallas, Paid Theater Project – Pays $1,000 Weekly


Dallas Texas Theater auditions

“Living with Rejection” to be produced in 2016

An open call will be held tomorrow for the lead roles and understudies in the production which will be performed next year in 2016. Rehearsals will begin in April 2016 and performances will run May through August of 2016. There will be a total of 45 performances running 15 weeks. Seeking 4 African American or Bi-Racial Lead Female Actresses.


Living with Rejection [drama with humor, true story, one-woman stage play] is a story of a young woman [Logan] who learns that her mother is living with a triangle of emotions; victim, savior, and persecutor and at any given time her mother will choose to act on any one of those emotions to destroy her daughter’s chance of living a purpose filled life. Logan was well on her way to taking the entertainment industry by storm, until an unexpected injury with her mom puts her dreams of pursuing a career as an actress and a television talk show host on hold. Logan made the decision to give up her career and become her mother’s caregiver, she believed in her heart that her mom needed her and God expected her to care for her ailing mother. Logan didn’t know that making this selfless decision would take her on a tailspin into darkness. After taking care of her mother for several years, she discovers that the deep unconditional love she has for her mother has caused her to become a victim to her mother’s deceitful and conniving ways.

Rehearsals for this 2016 production will begin April 2016—exact dates/times TBA, (10 day rehearsal schedule). Performance will run from May 2016 thru August 2016; (every weekend, 3 performances per weekend — Friday evenings, Saturday Matinee and Evening performances) totaling 45 performances for 15 weeks.
Rehearsal and performance location will take place in Dallas, Texas (actual location TBA).
We will try our best to work all rehearsals around the actor, our director and everyone’s schedule upon selecting the actress for the part.

Auditions in Dallas for stage play

$1,000.00/wk—Compensation is for the actual dates that the actress performs during the production—No pay for shooting the 2016 sizzle/promo reel——No pay for rehearsals—No housing or travel provided.

 Due to the 15 week performance run from May 2016 thru August 2016; lead actors will share performances throughout the duration of the production.

Seeking 4 African American or Bi-Racial Lead Female Actresses. One actress will perform during the month of May 2016, one actress will perform during the month of June 2016, one actress will perform during the month of July 2016 and one actress will perform during the month of August 2016. (Ages 25- 43), Ht. 5ft. to 5 ‘7’ Non-Union Actresses Only

Logan(Lead): Female 35, African American or Bi-Racial, born leader, assertive, go-getter, stronger, intelligent, smart, well spoken, dreams big, organized, confident, funny, never gives up, Christian, kind, she has a heart of gold, protective and nurturing to her mother and others, physically fit, businesswoman, professional appearance, attractive, charismatic, sophisticated, dramatic/comedic role.

SATURDAY ~ MAY 16, 2015
Note: Callbacks will be notified within three days after the audition via phone or email. At that time we will discuss the actual callback date/time/location.
11:00A.M. UNTIL 4:00 P.M.

Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting
3710 Rawlins Street, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75219

Please prepare a 1 minute or less comedic monologue. We will also provide you with a 1 minute or less dramatic monologue upon arriving to the audition as a cold read.
Please bring your headshot and resume with you to the audition.

Classy, sophisticated dressy or business casual attire as this will help us see you as the character.

PLEASE NOTE: Filming, videography and/or still photography will take place throughout the duration of the audition process. By participating in the audition process, you surrender certain likeness usage rights. By participating in the audition process, you hereby grant the sponsors and partners associated with this audition and production the right, but not the obligation to photograph you and use your likeness, voice and other sound effects in connection with the production, exhibition, distribution, promotion, exploitation, publicity and advertising of the audition and production without compensation in all media throughout the entire audition process in perpetuity. We will have you sign a release form at the audition stating that you give us permission to video tape your audition.

Our goal is to turn this stage production into a television, film or online web series. Therefore, the actor doesn’t need theatre experience to apply for the audition.
Uppermost Entertainment, LLC in Dallas, Texas; Lisa Bills [President], Leslie O’Hare [VP of Creative Development], Linda Leonard [Director], Scott Rolfe Josephson [Scriptwriter]

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