Open Auditions for Speaking Roles in Feature Film “Cortez” in NM

OPEN CASTING CALL for feature film CORTEZ to be shot in Taos, New Mexico in August.

There will be an open casting call for the upcoming feature film Cortez this coming weekend in Taos, New Mexico.

Cortez  will be co-written and starring Taos native Arron Shiver. Co-written and directed by Cheryl Nichols. Produced by Taos local Johnny Long and Longmire’s Cassidy Freeman.

SATURDAY, JUNE 6th 10-4pm and SUNDAY, JUNE 7th 1-6pm

From North: we are located on right side of strew after the Chevron station. From South: we are on left .5 miles north of Overland Sheepskin Co.
Producers are looking to fill roles in many categories. For audition materials and to request a time slot, email a recent photo to subject line “AUDITION REQUEST”

Cortez movie

10 year old boy. (see 9-13yrs to play 10) Redhead or Blonde. Light brown hair okay.
Too smart for his own good. Ben lives with his mother and grandmother. He is in the place between being a kid and being a teenager. Looking for someone who is witty and emotionally available.

All ethnicities. (20s-40s)
Flirtatious waitress at the local bar.

50s-70s Male or Female Shaman type. Pretty open.

40s-70s American Indian
Tell a story or a long joke. 3-5 minutes.

Just a group of MARIACHIS who can play “VOLVER VOLVER”

ENRIQUE (no lines)
13-15 Latin American looking kid

QUECHUAN GIRL (no lines) 13-15 Latin American looking kid

WILDLINGS (no lines/improv)

Burning Man and Mesa Types of any age. Seeing any and all.
Perform special trick like fire breathing, juggling, acrobatics, hula hoop. Can also sing a song or read a poem. Anything to show us outside the box.

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  1. Keith B. Smith

    Hello, I have worked with EG Productions in the past and have played the part of a DEA Agent, a Delta Force soldier, an army soldier, and a plain-clothes soldier. Looking for any type of work.

    Best Regards,
    Keith B. Smith

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