Philadelphia PA Indie Film “Car Pool”



Location: Philadelphia, Pa

Type: Film

Non-Union Independent film Carpool will be filming in the Allentown, PA area. Auditions will be held in Easton PA. Rehearsals will be held Weekends in May 2015 with the shoot scheduled for June 2015. No pay, meals provided.

Carpool” An average man stuck in a world of flamboyant personalities must make a decision that could ultimately impact the fate of the universe.

April 19, 2015 1:00pm – 5:20pm
Auditions to be held in Connexions Gallery 213 Northampton St., Easton, PA

(Please note auditions are by appointment and must email to be given a specific time within this time frame.Video submissions may be possible inquire for more information.)

Available Roles:

Andrew (Lead) – (40 to 50, Male) He is the protagonist. He began his career of writing and producing out of passion, but now realizes the film industry is superficial and no longer satisfying. His persona does not fit into a world of outrageous characters that react to situations impulsively. Because his coworkers do not relate to him they have a have a hard time respecting him. He is just an average guy with reasonable morals and reasonable desires.

Mark (Supporting) – (35 to 40, Male) He is the antagonist and an overt narcissist. His career of choice is director because it is fiercely competitive and means he is in control. Obstacles do not faze him and he believes those that do not get what they want let morals hold them back. When everything is too calm he is more than willing to stir up controversy just for the fun of it.

Angelica (Supporting) – (25 to 30, Female) She is a makeup artist who expresses her artistic side not only by her career, but by her style. She has vibrant hair, unique tattoos, and several piercings. Her creativity enables her to acquire a sense of childlike wonder and instill positivity into any situation. She is the angelic/pure soul. *Vibrant hair, tattoos, and piercings are not required for the part and can be added in makeup.

Neven (Supporting) – (20 to 25, Male) He is a static character that is almost never awake and occasionally does weird things in his sleep. He is not defined by passion, but is very content in his lethargic lifestyle.

Vana (Supporting) – (40 to 50, Female)  She is an actress.  She loves being the center of attention and hearing the sound of her own voice.  She is delusional in thinking that she is desirable aesthetically and in her career.  She relates to Mark because she will do almost anything to get what she wants including sucking up to the director.

Father Shepard (Supporting) – (50 and up, Male)  He is a man of few words, but when he does speak he chooses his words wisely.  Many confide in him because he is there to listen without judgment.  He has a desire to guide people, but refrains from doing so when it is not of a person’s own will.

Grim Reaper (Supporting) – A wise individual that has a strong presence and encompasses stability and authority in a stoic manner.  *Preferable if he/she can ride a horse.

Dog Owner (Supporting) – (18 and up, Male or Female). A slightly neurotic personality that obsesses over odd things like Snow White, their dog, and neighborhood raccoons.  He/she are somewhat nosey and like to hold grudges.

News Anchors (three separate roles) – (25 and up, Male or Female)  All news anchors will be a little quirkier than those on regular television.

Extras – Crowd of people/Scientists/Police at site of accident.  Neighbors picking up trash.

Animals needed:

Horse – *Must be rideable and people friendly.  Must have own trailer and be able to travel within a one hour radius of Allentown, PA.  Not required, but preferably a gray and/or white color.

Dog – *Must be able to stay and bark on command.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Philadelphia, Pa
Please submit to: –

This casting notice was posted by: Allentown Film Crew


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