Auditions in London, UK for Supporting Roles in Psychological Thriller Film Project


“Working Title”

Location: London, UK

Type: Film

London based production company looking to cast supporting roles for Psychological Thriller short, exploring individual human weaknesses and how they can be our downfall. Following the stories of three very strong but very different women we see them allow their weaknesses to take over and to become the things they fear most.

This is a low budget for this film and unfortunately will be expenses only. Filming will commence in mid June for over 3/4 days but actors will not be required for all days.

Auditions taking place 23rd April.

GREGG – Playing age 26
Drug dealer with a conscience. Handsome, rugged and mysterious. He is the friend of one of our female lead’s and introduces her to the world of drugs at her most low point, not realising the extent her addiction will become. He has a dry sense of humour but underneath is a scarred and troubled young man.

JAY – Playing age 30
Best friend to one of the female leads. Have been friends since their childhood, are very close and know each other inside out. Jay is very protective over her. Fun loving, great sense of humour with a sensitive and caring side.
Keeps in good shape, will be required to film a combat or outdoor training scene. Doesn’t need to be trained just needs to have an athletic look.

NATHAN – Playing age 38
White Caucasian 5’10-6’3 athletic build). In a loving marriage to one of the female leads. Have been happily married for a number of years, both in touch with each others feelings. Looking for a actor that has a great emotional range and is comfortable filming intimate scenes.

SAM – Playing age 26
The house mate of one of our female lead’s and by far the leader of the pack. Loud, witty, animated and slightly camp. We have no physical specifications for this character so are open to all applicants. Good comic timing is needed.

RACHEL – Playing age 37
Kind, fun loving kind of girl. Has have been life long friends with Katy. They share a fun lighthearted scene talking about boyfriends and a party that is coming up.

SEAN – Playing age 26
House mate’s of our female lead. Sean stands out a bit in the household, his upbringing is slightly different from the others, he has had to work hard for his internship. He is quite street, and although there are no physical specifications, we do require an actor with a London accent. Good comic timing is needed.

ALEX – Playing age 30
Ex boyfriend of one of the female leads. Attractive well dressed very confident. Has a controlling and smug manner. Thinks he can wrap people around his finger. Knows how to play people to get the reaction he wants.

KYLE – Playing age 37
Doctor, friend of Nathan’s, the desperate husband of one of our female protagonists. He is pressured into handing over medication without prescription to help his friend. English and well spoken. clean shaven or neat beard.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: London
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