Auditions in NYC for Principal Roles in “Gold Rush” Drama Series


Gold Rush Promotional Short

Location: New York, NY

Type: Video

Gold Rush is a dramatic series that chronicles the rise of Kendrick Chandler, 20-year-old son of the legendary Sharif Chandler, who played center for the Los Angeles Gold Rush during the team’s heyday. It’s 2009 and the Gold Rush have just drafted Ken as a point guard, which creates a big buzz about a “Chandler dynasty.” However, we could best describe Ken’s relationship with his eccentric father as distant— he’s spent most of his youth with his mother and sister in Chicago, hoping for a better life like so many of his peers. Ken is now about to follow in his father’s footsteps, but where will those footsteps lead him? This four-and-a-half minute promotional piece establishes Ken’s storyline via a dream sequence over the course of which he interacts with five other central characters.

Because of the lyrical nature of the dialogue, experience in spoken word poetry, voice work or musical theater would be helpful, although not absolutely necessary.


All of Kendrick’s dreams are about to come true. His manifest athletic talent fills him with confidence, but he worries about attracting bad luck or making a bad decision, both of which have left scorch-marks on his life thus far. He’s determined to succeed but also tempted by the same excesses of fame and fortune his father Sharif has enjoyed and his brother Shahid has sampled. Despite everything, Ken exudes optimism and forgives others easily. He is broad-shouldered and good-looking in a wholesome, all-American way.

Cerebral and distant, Sharif quietly harbors deep resentment towards his son Kendrick. Thanks to coaching from his manager, Christie, he presents an articulate and diplomatic— though hardly heartfelt— script to the public. Physically he is built like a center, tall and long-limbed.

Christie sees herself as a multi-talented, shrewd and aggressive entrepreneur and “alpha female” who gets the job done. Kendrick’s rise to fame offers her a way to generate new interest in, and income from, her sole client, Sharif. If Ken’s not with them, he’s against them. A buxom, pushy little woman.

Shahid’s a Harvard Law student, book-smart, like his father Sharif. He grew up rich in West L.A.— there’s a fratty side to him that Sharif doesn’t see. Shahid looks up to his half-brother Kendrick, his once and future (he anticipates gleefully) partner in crime. He is notably less athletic in physique than Ken.

LaTisha spends the season doggedly researching a true crime book about the sensational death of the wife of one of her father’s friends. She is a born muckraker and anti-establishment tattler. She plans to expose Sharif and can’t understand why her brother Kendrick seeks his approval. Punk / quirky, tall and lanky like her dad.

Kendrick and LaTisha’s born-again mother worries a lot. She sees Kendrick trying to emulate a father who’s had a very negative impact on Ken’s life. Also, of all the cities for Kendrick to revisit, it would have to be Los Angeles where her marriage fell apart and Ken almost ruined his life as a teenager.

Projected filming dates: September 24th & 25th

Payment: Non Paid
Meals and transportation provided. Credit, clip.

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: now closed

This casting notice was posted by: Gold Rush Productions

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