Casting Real People Who Survived a Traumatic Event For a TV Commercial in NYC – Pays $2000


Casting directors for an upcoming TV commercial will be holding auditions in NYC next week.

The ad campaign called “AWE= Alive We’re Empowered” is looking for real people (Not actors or models) who have survived a traumatic event and are willing to share their stories. The commercial will be for a high end jewelry line that is creating pieces of jewelry to symbolize a survivor’s journey. Auditions will be held in the New York City area early next week and the TV commercial will be filming in mid April. The spot is looking for survivors of all kids and examples are listed below. Talent cast will make $2000 for a half day shoot. All ethnicities are welcome to apply and those applying should be between the ages 25 and 95+.


SURVIVORS of ADVERSITY – Share with your friends and family

We are not looking for models and actors for this but people with real life experiences.
Casting and Shoot is in NYC

CASTING DATE: March 28th – 30th, 2016
SHOOT DATE: April 15th and 16th 2016 (one half day only)

The AWE collection features high-end jewelry anchored by the AWE Link, which symbolically links each survivor to the AWE community. The Link’s four teardrops represent the blood, sweat, and tears (of sorrow and joy) that define each survivor’s journey.

AWE= Alive We’re Empowered

This celebrates the resilience of those who have survived life-altering adversities by connecting them over both their shared experiences and AWE’s meaningful products.
We are looking for real life survivors to come forward and share their compelling stories. We need people who are strong, resilient, uplifting, defined by their triumphs and not by their hardships; energized by the strength of others and empowered by life. They are mission driven and hopeful for a better future.

We need women and men to be brave and share their story with the world; they can be of ANY ETHNICITY and be between the ages of 25 – 95+ years old. Their stories should be universally relatable and evoke empathy and AWE!

What adversities have AWE survivors triumphed over? Here are some ideas:
Physical or Emotional Abuse
Gun Violence or Terrorism
Active War
Birth Defects
Physical Trauma/ Amputee/ Paralyzed
Mental Illness i.e. Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders or
Self harm, etc…
Accidents or Disasters
Other Disabilities
Caretaker of a Survivor or Diseased family member.

If you know someone who fits this project, please share it with them.
All submissions should include, Name, Photo, address, and a brief description of your adversities that you have triumphed over.
Email to

This will be a combination photo and video for 1 year and includes 1 shoot day. FEE PAID: $2000.00

Also, Donna Grossman Casting is looking for survivors who have a social media influence:

We are casting for real Survivors of Adversity who are

Influencers must have a large, verifiable social media following. They must be a survivor of a major life altering adversity. The Influencers that are booked for this project will be expected to use their social media connections and their “Brand” in support of the AWE project.

Casting and Shoot is in NYC
CASTING DATE: March 28th – 30th, 2016
SHOOT DATE: April 15th and 16th 2016 (one half day only)

Additional compensation for this endorsement style of use will be paid.

Email all questions, name and photo, with your social media links (and your story) and availability to

See post below for additional information.

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