Child, Teen and Adult Actress for “Theory of Color”, NYC Student Film

By | November 12, 2016

Theory of Color

Location: New York, NY

Type: Student Films

Casting “Theory of Color:” Being comatose might not seem like a superpower, but for Ari his disability has opened up a new meaning to being alive. During the day he is trapped in his body, but at night he controls his entire reality. Along with an imaginary friend version of his sister, Ari navigates his mind in a lucid dream-memory bender.

Young Ari: male, 7-13, asian, thoughtful, empathetic; Ari is having a hard time making sense of the world.

Young Sam: female, 10-14, asian, adventurous, protector; Sam is a protective older sister; she’s an old person stuck in a small person’s body.

Isabella Gil: female, 45-56, caucasian or asian, youthful, domineering, has lived 10 lives’ worth; after multiple family tragedies, she is angry at having built nothing.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York, NY
Please submit to: by 2016-11-14

This casting notice was posted by: Zoey Pressey

One thought on “Child, Teen and Adult Actress for “Theory of Color”, NYC Student Film

  1. perrell

    My name is Perrell Daniel. I’m African American girl. I’m 15 year old. I’m aspirating actress. I want to be an actress so bad. I take scrip online and I practice for one hour every day so when I get the real scrip, I know how to read it. I want to be the next voila Davis and show no sign of stopping. I would love to be an extra on your project.


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