Disney Movie Auditions for Major Roles in “Magic Camp”

By | November 1, 2016

Disney is holding online auditions for kids and teens nationwide.

If you are looking at a shot to be considered for a Disney role and possibly becoming a break out star, well, here it is. Disney is holding auditions for a new movie.

Disney’s “Magic Camp is now accepting video auditions for lead roles. Up for grabs are 2 remaining roles in the film, that of Priya and Kaz. Both roles call for kids / teens ages 12 to 14 who are either Indian American, Asian or Latino. Kids nationwide can submit their online audition videos directly to Disney casting directors for consideration.

Casting calls went out some months back for Disney’s “Magic Camp,” with filming scheduled to begin this month, but seems that they are still on the hunt for 2 child actors. The filming dates for this film has changed quite a few times and now the dates listed are November through March of 2017. The movie is scheduled to film in the Los Angeles area.

Disney’s Magic Camp is being directed by Mark Waters (Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Mr. Popper’s Penguins) and produced by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland, Memento, Austin Powers) for Walt Disney Studios. The film is being distributed by Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The release date for “Magic Camp” is still up in the air.

Walt Disney Pictures

Magic Camp  is a movie about… you guessed it, about a magic camp. It tells the story of a man who once attended magic camp as a child and returns as an adult to try to make right what he feels he did wrong as a child. As a child he wanted to be a magician and win the camp’s  magic competition but he was unable to. He returns as an adult in the hopes of entering the magic competition one more time.  While he returns to the camp for his own purposes, he ends up helping a group of misfit kids find their own magic. The film is still in the pre-production phase and not much is yet known of the cast.  The IMDB page does mention that Steve Martin is rumored to have a role in “Magic Camp.” The rest of the cast does not seem to be announced yet.

Disney Magic Camp auditions

Disney’s “Magic Camp” is looking to fill the following roles:


12- 14 years old, to portray a character who is Indian American, Asian American or Latina. She’s the trifecta: pretty, sweet, and smart thus she quickly becomes the object of Theo’s shy adoration. Convinced that Magic Camp is just a time-waster—her parents scheduled her at back-to-back camps throughout the summer—Priya gets a pleasant surprise when she finds out she has the flexibility to become a gifted escape artist – SUPPORTING LEAD

12-14 years old, to portray a character who is Indian American, Asian American, or Latino. Kaz fancies himself a bit of a ladies man. He desperately wants to be cool, when, in reality, he’s far from it. He’s not good at sports and he can’t play the guitar so he got into magic in the hopes that he would be cool for once. Then just maybe girls would like him. Unfortunately he’s not necessarily good at magic either. But with the help of fellow camper Judd, by the end of Magic Camp, Kaz becomes a very impressive quick-change artist – SUPPORTING LEAD

Kids and teens who fit the above description are able to submit their video auditions online. Please see this page for further instructions and the script.

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  1. jorge gomez

    My name is Jorge. I am 17 years old but I have told that I look 14 and I would love to play the part of kaz. I really want to try to audition for the part. I am able to play the part and I hope I succeed so were do I sign up? I would love to do it.

  2. Jennifer Perez

    My brother is 12 years old and is also Latino. I think he is perfect for this role.

  3. Leanne Chetcuti

    Hi, I’m 23 years old from Malta and it would be really exiting if I get chosen for a voice role :D..

  4. Sabeehah

    Hi I would really love the role of Priya. I’m 14 yrs old. I do not have acting experience besides my school dramas.

  5. Kaylah Davis

    I am hoping on getting discovered and wish you will give me a chance? Please, Kaylah

  6. Michelle Julianne Padilla

    I am Michelle and I am 14 years old.I really want to audition in Disney but where do I sign up for auditions?

  7. Anna-Sofia Menapace

    Where do I sign up for the audition? I am 12 years old and would like to feature in any movie.

  8. sharrol frederick

    I am very interested in being an extra in a movie. I am available Monday through Sunday. I’m not married and I do not have any kids, available Monday through Sunday.

  9. Megan Dempsey

    Hey, I’m looking at getting my daughter discovered and would like to know if you would give her a chance.

  10. Me

    This is kinda racist because I’m African American yet you are blowing up my email with this.


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