Male and Female Actors for Lead Roles in Student Film Project in the Nashville Area


The Apartment

Location: Nashville, TN

Type: Student Films

Non-Union student film ‘The Apartment” is seeking actors and actresses to fill 2 key roles in the film project that will be shooting in the Hermitage, TN area next month, on  March 12 & 13th 2016.
Because this is a student film it’s Non-Pay. Actors will be fed. A copy of the final film will be provided.

Danny saves Angela after she attempts to end her life. He stays with her while she is in the hospital and invites her back to his apartment when she is released. Despite her sadness and anger the two begin to bond over shared life experiences.

We need actors to play Danny and Angela so please email if you’re interested in either part.

Character Bio:

[Danny] [Male] [Must be at least 18]
Danny found one of his co-workers passed out in the parking lot. He rushed her to a hospital and spent all night there with her while she got her stomach pumped. She confided in him that she had tried to end her life. He has brought her back to his apartment to get cleaned up before she goes back to her family. He is concerned that she may try again and wants to keep her with him until he is sure she’s going to be ok. He tries acting as though nothing out of the ordinary has happened and invites her to dinner. When this doesn’t work he tells her his own story of heartache.

[Angela] [Female] [Must be at least 18]
Angela spent all of last night in the hospital getting her stomach pumped after an overdose. She had decided to end her life after her fiancé left her for someone else. A co-worker (Danny) found her in the parking lot at work, took her to the hospital, and kept her company all night. She has now gone to his apartment with him to get cleaned up before going home to her family. She’s angry that her suicide attempt failed, embarrassed that Danny knows about it, and nervous about having to go home. She plans to leave as soon as possible but is distracted by Danny’s attempts to make her feel better and decides to stay for dinner.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nashville, TN
Please submit to: by 2016-03-19

This casting notice was posted by: Elly O’Brien

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