Nashville Student Film Project Casting Speaking and Non-Speaking Roles

By | August 2, 2016

The Canadian

Location: Nashville, TN

Type: Student Films

Genre: Drama

Logline: An old hit man has the worst day ever at work.


  1. The Canadian (40-60)- An older hit man. Worn and weathered. When his job requires it, he can become slightly unhinged and brutal, but he’s more of a stern dad than anything else.
  2. Ellis (30-50)- A slimy low-level crime boss within a larger organization. Head of a small crew fiercely loyal to him.
  3. Benny (20-30)- Loser who idolizes his brother, Ellis, despite being too soft to be truly at home in a world of crime.
  4. Clerk- Burned out convenience store drone.
  5. Alpha Punk (18-25)- Wannabe alpha male.
  6. Four Eyes (20-40)- Bespectacled henchman. One of Ellis’s goons.
  7. String Bean (20-40)- Skinny henchman. One of Ellis’s goons.
  8. Jo (20-40)- Sadistic henchman. One of Ellis’s goons. Second in command.



  1. Punks (18-25)- Disaffected youth looking for trouble to add excitement to their lives
  2. Stoner Girl (18-25)- Bohemian, glassy eyed stoner
  3. Tubby (20-40)- Thick henchman. One of Ellis’s goons.
  4. Party Guests – Ten middle aged, Middle America, average people


COMPENSATION: Meals, Credit, Copy

SHOOTING DATES (Nashville, TN): September 16,17,18, 23,24,25

If interested, please email me for more information about auditions:

Email for sides to Video Audition.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nashville, TN
Please submit to: by 2016-08-13

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