Open Acting Auditions for Independent feature length film in Atlanta

By | February 22, 2016


Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Film

Independent feature length film titled “Mnemosyne” will be holding auditions next week in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The projects genre is Drama- Southern Gothic: An apocalyptic cult living on a secluded island is led by a charismatic Pastor. But when some discover a dark secret about the nature of the Pastor and the island, they plan a dangerous escape.

Auditions will be held at:


3776 Lavista Rd, Suite 200
Tucker, GA 30084
By appointment only 1PM – 6PM, 29 Feb – 11 Mar 2016

Call Backs: 1PM – 6PM, 7 – 18 Mar 2016
Table Work: 6PM – 9PM, 28 Mar – 1 Apr 2016
Rehearsal: 6PM – 9PM, 4 – 15 Apr 2016 (except Sundays)

Project is scheduled to film on Apr 20, 2016 and will be wrapping around Apr 28th. 2016



[CAM] Male/ Lead/ All Ethnicities/ 18-25. Rebellious and charming, he is excited by new things and protective of the ones that he loves. He is quick thinking and impulsive. He feels crushed under the weight of his father, the Pastor’s shadow over their community. He is especially close to his friend Hannah and his siblings Felix and Reilly.

[HANNAH] Female/ Lead/ All Ethnicities/ 18-25. Inquisitive and smart, she is tougher than she may appear. She’s pretty, but understands that it takes more than looks to survive. She seeks her mother Ingrid’s approval in most things.

[PASTOR] Male/ Lead/ All Ethnicities/ 40-55. Charismatic yet feral, he is a natural-born leader who does not like having his alpha status challenged. He is disappointed in his oldest son Felix, and threatened by his younger son Cam, but he is very affectionate towards his youngest child and only daughter Reilly.

[FELIX] Male/ Supporting/ All Ethnicities/ 20-30. Mentally-handicapped, it’s easy to dismiss him as the lovable simpleton. But he has more insight to the goings-on’s around him than most. He has a special attachment to his friend Victoria and his little brother Cam.

[VICTORIA] Female/ Supporting/ All Ethnicities/ 20-30. Smart and strong, respectable and more than that she respects the institutions around her. She does her part and never asks for special treatment from anyone. She is close to Hannah and Felix, and helps Ellary out as much as she can.

[REILLY] Female/ Supporting/ All Ethnicities/ 18-25. Wily and a tad mischievous, she is a happy-go-lucky kind of girl who loves her family almost as much as she loves exploring.

[INGRID] Female/ Supporting/ All Ethnicities/ 30-40. Beautiful yet tragic, she is a survivor with a dark past seeking some kind of redemption in the normalcy her society allows her. She has strong maternal instincts and takes care of more than just her daughter Hannah.

[LUCIUS] Male/ Supporting/ All Ethnicities/ 18-25. Clean, rigid, by the books. He is all about the rules and would never think of ever breaking them. His world is a world of order and logic. He is close with Hannah.

[ELLARY] Female/ Supporting/ All Ethnicities/ 40-70. Kind to a fault, she might turn a blind eye to her husband Xavier’s behavior. She enjoys gardening and finding purpose in mundane tasks. She was a nurse in a former life.

[XAVIER] Male/ Supporting/ All Ethnicities/ 40-70. Judgmental and off-balance, he is a man unraveling before our eyes. He clings to the rules and charisma of the Pastor as a way to make sense as he slowly slips away.

[GABE] Male/ Supporting/ All Ethnicities/ 20-30. Tall, strong, he is a strapping young man with a good-ole-boy kindness. Perhaps he sees himself as the hero in his own story, he seeks to be the savior of a damsel in distress.

[CLAUDIA] Female/ Featured/ All Ethnicities/ 30-50. Sharp-tongued, witty, sleek, beautiful, and funny. She is a scientist and extremely intelligent. She is emotionally distant but is always engaged intellectually. You don’t want to become her enemy.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
Please submit to: by 2016-03-18

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