TLC’s 90 Day Fiance is Now Casting


TLC’s hit series 90 Day Fiancé is now casting season 4.

In a long distance relationship and maybe wanting to marry your international sweetheart? TLC’s “90 Day Fiance” would love to hear your story.

Long-distance relationships have challenges that are sometimes difficult to overcome, but consider if the distance traveled was halfway around the world and a couple had just 90 days to decide whether the courtship should conclude with marriage. That’s the situation facing the men and women profiled in this series, which shares the complexities of international romances. Using a visa that allows foreign fiancees of American citizens to travel to the U.S., the women experience life in the States with their prospective husbands for the first time. Culture and language barriers must be overcome — not to mention the stigma of being thought of as mail-order brides — but here’s the elephant in the room: The couples must marry before the visas expire in 90 days, or else the women have to immediately return to their countries.

TLC 90 Day Fiance now casting season 4

With the clock ticking, these couples discover if their “happily ever after” is meant to be.

Applicants must be currently engaged to an international partner and in the end stages of applying for a K1 visa. Ideally, the non-US partner would be arriving in June. The show follows couples from arrival in the US through the wedding day and films all major milestones.

Couples of any race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and background are encouraged to apply. Email to apply!

58 thoughts on “TLC’s 90 Day Fiance is Now Casting

  1. Lorelie Dela Cruz

    My name is Lorelie Dela Cruz, 33 yrs old single mom from Philippines. Three years ago I met a guy online, His name is Eldrid Gerson Engelbrecht. He’s from South Africa (Western Cape). We talked everyday, voice calls and video calls until we fell in love with each other. Long distance relationship is very hard. We came to the point that we both gave up. Fights everyday are not healthy for us. But every time we wanted to leave each other we end up for forgiving and now is our 3rd year Anniversary. Yes, 3 years in a long distance relationship. I couldn’t even imagine that we will go far like this. He tried to visit me here in Philippines but it wasn’t the perfect time to meet him because problems came up. I just want to share our story hoping one day our story will be featured on this famous series and they can help us meet and marry one another. We really love each other.

  2. Habigail

    I am Habigail, 20 years of age. I live in south Africa, Durban and I am open for a serious relationship.

  3. Cynthia Thiite

    Hi,my name is Cynthia Thiite, born and raised in Botswana (Africa). I am 30 years old, black, single mom, medium sized body and height. Looking for my soul mate in US aged 40-50 and he should be ready to settle with or without kids. You are more than welcome!

  4. Janet rittimann

    My name is Janet and I met an African man on a web site 4 months ago. I want to marry him, he doesn’t have a visa, when we pray together its so magical.

  5. Ondray Lay

    Hey my name is Ondray and I’m in love with my girlfriend Martina. I’m an American and she is in Macedonia. We’ve met in person here in America when she came here for a summer to work, I never thought I’d hit it off with someone from another country but she really captured my heart. That was in 2016 and lots have happen between then and now. One thing being I went to prison for two years. Our story is interesting and unique, but throughout everything we’re going to get married and start a family. We’d love to share our journey with the world.

  6. Michael A Emrys

    I am just starting the process of arranging for an international partner to come to the states after visiting there for a week and facebook livestreames the entire week. Lots of raw live video allready on facebook servers. To be clear I had never heard of your show. I was coming back from a week of live streaming our courtship when a random stranger in a bar told me my story sounded just like a tv show his wife loves is about. Hell you all have five seasons. bet you havent hat this angle yet. and you will be getting true current courtship if you like. I was so amazed to know there was a tv show about exactly what im going thru.

    As fortune would have it if you facebook Search: Michael A Emrys, or MaegicDude Labowski, these are the accounts i have been livestreaming from, as well as two more minor business accounts: Arien Emrys , Ari MaegicDude Michaels Im a magician professor. And the wife to be is an Issan thai girl currently working in a massage parlor in Pattaya Thailand. after watching some of the livestreams, if i am able to collect a few streams you will see the potential. anyway.

    She and I are up for anything. nice November / May courtship

  7. Ralph Pratt

    I am 66 yrs old. Retired US Army, divorced, living in Shepherdstown, WV. My 16 yr old daughter lives with her mother about 1 mile from my house. I try to keep active in my daughters’ life. I also coach wrestling at her high school.

    Recently (Nov 2017), I was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. I am awaiting a bone marrow transplant at Walter Reed. I have developed a relationship with a 33 yr old filipina in Mindinao. After I finish the transplant process, I want to go visit her to be eligible for the K-1 process. Was wondering if you would be interested in our situation?
    If I can, I want to go visit her before 12 Nov (after transplant recovery). If I can’t go then, I plan on visiting her after wrestling season and I have gotten my tax refund for the ticket to Mindinao.

  8. Andrea

    Hello I am Andrea, an American citizen and in love with my fiancee who lives in Morocco. We met on Instagram 9 mouths ago and we fell in love and plan on getting married. We talk every night on video chat and we would like to go on the show 90 day fiancee because we want to be married as soon as possible. We are in love and I haven’t been able to get money up for my visit there with him because I have recently lost my job. Can you help us? Thanks I will be looking forward to your Reply.

  9. Karlynn Gonzales

    Please read my story and believe me your show wont be disappointed it will end in marriage and a great love story.
    I live in Portland Oregon and Uche lives in Benin Nigeria .
    Uche is trying to get to Canada right now. Please, I am begging you, Please help us!Thank you from my heart.
    Karlynn Gonzales

  10. Karlynn Gonzales

    Hello , My name is Karlynn and the love of my life, his name is Uche. He is from Nigeria and we have been in a relationship long distance that is for way to long a few years now but have never met.. It seems like every time things start going good to meet some thing always happens . The last was my car was stole for the second time but this time it never came back it was totaled with everything I owned in it but the clothes on my back and the flip flops on my feet. Will you please take into consideration for an audition. I am so begging you.
    We are very much in love but have not had the means to meet face to face and look into the eyes of the one we have great deep love for. PLEASE, I am in tears and yes begging to meet the man I will marry no doubt in my mind or heart.
    If you want a true love story this is the one. I will guarantee you, it will not end on we have to think about it more , it is a for sure love story that will end with tears and so very gratefulness.
    Uche is the man of my prayers and the man I will spend the rest of my life with no matter the bumps, bruises. This man is the man I want to marry. Meeting Uche would be the first day of LIFE for me.
    Please think about Us, it would mean the world to both of us.
    Thank You

    Karlynn Gonzales

  11. Mary K Imusa

    I would like to meet a loving and caring man to spend my life with around the world I am a Zambian lady….

      1. Julieta

        My name is Juliet I’m from south Africa. I am 31 years and have two children. I would like to join the 90 day show to wed. I want a guy from the ages of 40 and 50 preferable. I’m a black Lady.

        1. erica Post author

          I believe the show is looking for people who already know each other… long distance couples and such.

      2. Gift

        Hi am Gift Roberts from Nigeria … Please, how can I register for 90 days finance.. I have been watching the reality show, all the episode. I luv it. Am single searching for relationship. I have tried most of the chatting apps, it didn’t work out for me. I was sad. So when I started watching 90 day finance on TLC TV. I was happy then I have been looking for ways to reach the show. Please don’t let me down because I put my hope on you.

  12. Bonolo

    Hello my Name is Bonolo from South Africa and I would also like to enter the 90 day but I’m not seeing anyone at the moment and I was wondering what do I have to do to enter?
    Do I have to meet with someone first or I can come as I am and the show find someone for me?
    Your response will be much appreciated
    Still enjoying the shows.
    Thank you

    1. Abena Samantha

      Hello my name is Samantha. I’m 35 and I live in Florida. I’m dating a man in Ghana and we have been talking for over 2 yrs. When I get to Ghana we will be getting married. Yes the 1st year, was concerned about me talk to him. Most have voiced their concerns which made me shut a lot of them out and waited for a while to talk back to them. But I’m so much stronger in my choice that I will not be stopped. If your interested in my story please let me know THANK YOU BYE?

  13. Geraldine Avent

    Hi, I’m a 53 single female with two grown children and four grandchildren. I met this man maybe 8 years ago online named Ibrahim in Ghana. We stopped communicating for a while but he contacted me over Facebook and it felt as if the two years, not hearing from one another never took place. We truly believe we are soulmates. 90 Day Fiance HELP!

  14. Tracy Riddle

    Hello my name is Tracy Riddle. I am currently in a relationship with a man in Algeria and we have been dating for 9 months now just recently got engaged. My fiance and I are having trouble meeting one another. The story goes that a year ago I lost my husband when my late husband passed away, I thought my world had ended, so several months had went by. So one day in August I was on Facebook looking through the comments that my friends and family had left for me about my late husband as people know me. I don’t except friends on Facebook not unless I know them. But that day I saw a message on messenger saying hi beautiful lady. I had already had my hand on the delete button but as I was fixing to delete this boumedyen Benammar from my messenger something inside said don’t do it, so I didn’t, instead I responded hello. So I waited for a response I got one about 2 or 3 am in the morning my time which his time was around 7 or 8 am in Algeria. We struck up a conversation. He started asking questions and so was I. I was thinking to myself what does this man want with me I was mess. I explain to him as he had ask me if i as married. I explain to him that i was that my husband had recently passed away. He was telling me how sorry he was I thanked him. We have the same things in common as I was explaining to boumedyen that I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship right now and he had explained to me that he wasn’t either that he just got out of a relationship that his girlfriend left him for someone that had more than he had. I was explaining to him that I don’t need the finer things in life.that I will the next time I get married that I want nothing but a lot of life, respect, and honesty and loyalty and faithfulness. That money is nothing to me.i just want to be in love and my partner to be in love with me and only we talked for about a few weeks him and I got to know one another a little better. And found out that we liked each other more than we thought we would. We fell in love. The love we have for one another can’t be described. So as he put things forward he decided to go apply for a Visa himself. We waited and waited, but still nothing we went through all this waiting to be turned down for his Visa. Our hearts are broken as we don’t know what to do to be together. We talk on the phone and video chat with one another and on messenger. But to know you have met your soul MATE and can’t be with one another is so heartbreaking and it hurts. I tried coming up with the money to go see him but I got sick and had to use the money for my Bills. And now am struggling, trying to get back to where things aren’t so behind. My fiance has applied again for a Visa we are so afraid of what its going to say. We are two people in love and just want to be together and start a life with one another but the roar for us has and is so hard for us. Wanting to hold one another and touch each other and we cant do that through a screen. We are engaged and want to be married but there is always something keeping us from being husband and wife. We just want to be together for the rest of our lives.

  15. kedi

    I would like to meet a loving and caring guy around the world. I am a south African woman.

  16. Margaret

    Hi I’m Margaret turning 25 tomorrow born and raised in jhb…I’m a massage therapist and my wish is to work and have my family in the US..I don’t have kids. I weight 70 brown eyes black hair, I’m beautiful and I’m trying my luck because I see most guys getting hurt in USA.

  17. Jenifer

    I’m 21 years old Lady and looking for honest and lovely guy, a boyfriend that I can Spend the rest of my life with from USA.

    1. Seth Junior Isidore

      I would like to meet my beautiful lady, I’m open to any relationship in the U.S. territory.
      I’m living in the United States and looking for a love that I can spend the rest of my life with.

      1. Cynthia Thiite

        Hi Seth Junior, how old are you… I’m here ready to settle. I am an African lady, medium sized body and height, 30 years of age, single mom from Botswana Africa.

  18. Zodwa

    I’m 36 faithfully honest, south African women looking for a relationship in USA.

  19. Phillip Bone


  20. Phillip Bone

    I’m a 37 male from Huntsville,Al and is falling in love with beautiful,sassy, and intelligent woman from Bosnia. We care for each other and have been doing this online thing and to me she’s the most awesome and complete woman for me. With my southern charm and her Raspy Bosnian tough attitude it’s bound to show viewers the real reality of a match that’s destined to be she makes me feel so many emotions all at once. FRUSTRATION CARING COMPLETENESS AND THE MOST OF ALL LOVE.? I’M WANTING TO GO TO BOSNIA!!!!BUT ME BEING IN LOVE AND ALSO BEING A BLACK MAN IT WOULD BE FRUSTRATING GOING THRU THERE CUSTOMS IN AIRPORT WITHOUT BEING HARASSED….ALLOWED LOL THE THOUGHT OF BEING THE ONLY BLACK MAN IN BOSNIA IS CREEPY BUT I’M WILLING FOR HER. She’s my world let it become reality and I wanna marry her……….. My Ani Mari and Stephen together forever.

  21. Lavetta smith

    I met my soulmate, first time ever and we want to marry each other. We’ve been video and phone dating since 5/1/2016.

  22. Shamika Willaby

    I really want to get on this show I been dating my boyfriend over 6 months now and he lives in Africa. We really want to marry each other…How can we get on the show?

  23. Scott

    I am engaged to a beautiful woman in Venezuela. We are going to be vacationing in the Dominican Republic in five weeks. I am a school teacher in Michigan. We have both been through a lot, but we know that this is true love for us. I am 48 and she is 35. Things are crumbling in Venezuela and I want to get her and her 12 year old son our of there as soon as possible so we can all begin our life together here in Michigan.

  24. alexander

    Hello I’m Alexander – 22 years old California, USA, majoring in kinesiology and my fiancé is Felicia -23 years old/Terni, Italy, majoring in business finance

    My fiancé and I met over 2 years ago online on Facebook back when we were starting our first year of college. At first we become friends then stopped all contact as seeing we both had feelings but the distance wouldn’t work but feelings grew stronger and we decided to give it a go and now we’re engaged to be married waiting kids shortly after marriage, we’ve never met but face time and sykpe regularly, my family adores Felicia being she’s amazing! But her family assumes I’m just a California f*** boy solely because of my looks.

    Felicia has no siblings and father and mother are divorced and mother has found love in another woman and her father remains single

    My parents were never married and but have love with other people and I have 11 siblings

  25. Tamara

    I have a Dominion Republic fiance. I love her and we would like to get married in the United States.

  26. Tia McCullough

    I’m a black women and I live in the USA. The man I want to marry is from Guinea Africa. We are so in love. And we both are saving so that he can come over so we can make our love a reality. Let me know if you can help us.. Thank you

  27. Victoria Rosc

    While on a mission trip to Eastern Kenya in Tala, our team journeyed to the Maasai Mara for safari once our mission trip ended. While we were there I met Steven Wondera, our chef during our excursion at Mara Sidai. We immediately had a connection and an attraction. Steve and I have been talking, video chatting daily since we met and fell in love. I pray to be with him soon and we’d like to wed in the US. I never thought I would fall in love this way, but sometimes God has more in store then we’ve ever hoped or imagine. Both Steve and I have had very difficult journeys in relationships and life, we have a deep understanding of each other.
    We desire to be together and continue to help others that have endured the hardships we’ve had.

  28. Ky

    My brother is dating a woman from Lao who he’s never met in person and we are planning to bring him there, or send her here to Canada. I’d like to set him up on the 90day Fiancé show though. How would I go about doing so?

  29. Quilla

    I want to be a part of 90 day fiancé but I stay in Virginia and my fiancé stays in Miami.

  30. David Petrie

    I have Ukrainian fiancé though not quite ready for K1. I am 68, she is 50. We have been online dating for almost a year. Would an older couple interest your audience?

  31. Farin Burt

    I would to love to be part of the 90 day fiance, to get married to my African boyfriend.

  32. Terry Twining

    I would love to be part of 90 days to wed.

  33. Beverly Cooks

    My name is Beverly, I’ve been in a long distance relationship with an African man that lives in Brazil for five years!! And I have no clue how to finally meet him.

  34. Joanne Rossi

    I would like to be on the show 90 day fiance.
    How can I do this?

  35. Patricia Rollins

    I look forward to finding my Mr. Right!. I am very opened minded to love.

    1. Eddie

      Hi am Eddie and am 38yrs of age single 6ft tall light in complexion with no kids ,am from Nigeria ,very attractive in person ,my face name is Eddie C Walter

  36. Debra Chase

    I am a American in love with my fiancé from Jordan. We have found a love of a lifetime and want to get married asap. H wants to come to the states with his son and begin our lives here. We mean everything to one another. We are each others world and want to spend the rest of our lives together.

  37. Olga Postigo

    Hi, I’m Olga Postigo from Philippines, 35 years old And currently working here in Bahrain. I’ve been in a long distance relationship with Charles Griffin from North Carolina for almost 2 years. Hoping that the 90 days fiancee can help us to be together one day.

  38. Christy Menzel

    I’m in love with my Dominican lover. God brought us together, may no man separate us. I love him to the moon and back.

  39. Monique Brunette

    Hello, my name is Monique, my fiance and I have been together for almost 3 years, and friends for 3 years prior to being a couple. He’s an Egyptian, and I’m American, we want to be married. I spent some time in Egypt, finally, and got to visit with him and his family. I love him very much, and my kids love him. His family was so kind, and they loved me too, and want to see us married. We had started to do the marriage process in Egypt, just because we want to be married, but I didn’t realize I needed my divorce papers translated to Arabic, also being signed, sealed and stamped by the Egyptian embassy in Washington, so this stopped us in our tracks. We want to live here though in Florida where I was born and raised.

    1. Monique Brunette

      By the way, I have a crazy story about what happened while I was in Egypt. I got stuck over there after my vacation was over. Wasn’t allowed to fly home due to my health.

  40. Nicole alexander

    American woman seeking a husband who wants real, and ready for faithfulness.

    1. Filo Ndungane

      Hi Nicole, I’m Filo Ndungane and am in South Africa.

  41. Arlene

    A Brazilian or any Italian man, I am American women.

    1. Guilherme Pagliarini

      Wow, that’s specific! Why so?

  42. michael schminke

    We are applying for k1 visa and want to be married. My name is Michael and am US citizen. Iridania Klasse Martinez is a citizen of the Dominican Republic. We wish to be married in United States as soon as possible. Iridania has cancer for the 2nd time but should be fine we hope. We will get married regardless. Michael Schminke.

    1. Miriam

      Sorry to hear she’s sick. I have a question how long it takes for your fiance to get the visa after you submit the paperwork?


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